2016-2017 Online Learning Enrollment

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2016-2017 Online Learning Course Completions

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2016-2016 Online Learning Course Completions by Subject

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Teachers' Completions

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  • Congratulations to Renee Mayet who is tied for the highest number of completions in the district!
  • Congratulations to Bianca Whitaker who is tied for the highest number of completions in the district!
  • Congratulations to Stuart Appleton who is tied for the second highest number of completions in the district!
  • Congratulations to Benjamin Courts who is tied for the second highest number of completions in the district!
  • Congratulations to Felipe Vasquez-Martinez who is tied for the second highest number of completions in the district!

Online Learning Programs Tutorial

Students are no longer required to pass the cumulative exam with a 70 or above in order to receive credit. However, Edgenuity will not demonstrate 100% completion if the cumulative exam does not have a passing grade.

Therefore, the lab teacher must select pass with grade. Please watch the following tutorial to learn how to do so.

100% Progress with Cumulative Exam Fail

Virtual School Updates

Please ensure that all initial credit students in a core subject area log into VIT to meet with their teacher according to the schedule provided. If you find that a credit recovery student is struggling with content and need additional support, you may also allow them to join VIT.

​Please be mindful that initial credit students should receive priority when accessing VIT. I have attached the VIT schedule below.

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Comparing Eportal and eSchool Rosters

Lab teachers should always be comparing their Eportal rosters and eSchool rosters. Any student that is no longer on the eSchool roster should be withdrawn from Eportal. This will inform the virtual school teachers if the student is still active or not.

Furthermore, if the student is not withdrawn from Eportal it will show as active and will count against the completion count.

Procedures For Students Completing or Incompleting Courses



-Student: The student has exhausted 18 weeks and the student has not completed the course in Edgenuity or Schoology.

-Teacher: The teacher must mark the student INCOMPLETE on E-portal and disable the course in Edgenuity. Do not archive the student.

-Counselor: The counselor must create a new Online Tracking Form (OTF) with the same course if the student still needs the course (with the new start date).


-Student: The student must complete the course in Edgenuity and Schoology and must have a cumulative exam of 70 or above within 18 weeks.

-Teacher: The teacher must mark the OTF complete on Eportal, the course must be completed on Edgenuity.

-Counselor: If the semester is not over, the counselor must assign a new course as soon as possible in order to minimize loss of instructional time.


-Student: The student is no longer in the teacher's SMS roster before exhausting the 18 weeks.

-Teacher: The teacher must mark the OTF as withdrawn, the course must be disabled.

-Counselor: The counselor has created a schedule change (prior to the student being marked withdrawn).


-Student: This transfer occurs when the semester is over and the student still has been enrolled for less than 18 weeks in the course.

-Teacher: The teacher will receive an OTF with the word “transfer” after the course name to indicate that this student already has a course in Edgenuity. The teacher must email Isabel Hejazi or Eric Levels to reactivate the course.

-Counselor: When a student needs to roll over the semester, the counselor must create a new OTF with the new teacher's name on it and must write “transfer” after the course name to indicate that the student is transferring teachers (the start date will be the same as the original course. The student will have 18 weeks from original start date)

Sixth Period Enrollments

Students 9th through 11th grade will now pay a fee of $130 per course for initial credit courses. This fee will have to be paid to a counselor prior student enrollment.

12th Grade students will pay a reduced $30 fee per course.

Getting to Know the Deparment

Isabel Hejazi, Program Director of Online Learning Labs

As I start my second year in this position, I can only be grateful for the opportunity Aldine ISD has provided. Even though the beginning of the year has been challenging, I enjoy what I do every day. My job is to ensure the Online Learning Labs are running smoothly and that instructional time is maximized. I am extremely lucky that the Online Learning Lab teachers are a wonderful team of individuals who make my job so much easier.

When I am not visiting labs, running reports, or writing newsletters, I enjoy my time with my precious family. I have two boys, Aryan (5) and Aarad (2). They keep me very busy as they have a very active life. Aryan just started kindergarten, and he plays soccer, tennis, fencing, and goes to Science camp after school.

My husband and I strongly believe that our boys should embrace their cultures. Therefore, we speak our native languages to them, Spanish and Farsi, only. We make sure that we travel to our home countries so they understand our cultures.

I am blessed to have two wonderful families- at home and in Aldine ISD.

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