Humanities Homeland Security

By: Natalie Overbeck


The United States should be more focused on enhancing the security instead of worrying about American's rights and freedoms. If they worry about American's freedoms, there won't be that many Americans left to give those freedoms to.

History: 9/11 Attacks

Everyone knows that day in 2001 where the twin towers were hit both hit by planes intentionally. Just when people thought it was over, a third plane had hit the Pentagon in Washington DC. This day is a tragic day in American history that no American will ever forget. In addition, this shows that American security needs to be tightened because maybe the terrorists who came into the US the same day, might have been caught. Americans need to realize that their safety and loved ones' safety is much more valuable than having some more freedoms. Overall, about 2, 977 people died on September 11th, 2001 and this was all caused by the United State's lack of security.

Modern Era: ISIS and Technology

As good and as helpful as modern technology is, people abuse it and use it to harm other people. Within the past year, ISIS has been taking hostages from the United States and using technology to record videos of ISIS executing or killing off these American hostages. In addition, ISIS has also made threats over social media and communicated with Americans to convince them to join ISIS. Yet another reason why the United States should be tightening their security to prevent the deaths of innocent Americans.

Modern Era: Human Trafficking

To simply state what Human Trafficking is, it's the modernized version of slavery which also involves illegal people trade for commercial gain or severe abuse. Yearly, millions of Americans become victims to Human Trafficking. The Department of Homeland Security Blue Campaign helps to increase Human Trafficking detection and investigation. Human Trafficking is another reason why the United States must enhance their Homeland Security.

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