Mr. Budisch's Bright Lights

Good News Found Throughout Our School

We had a terrific number of you attend the volunteer workshops this past week! Thanks for your time and the energy you bring to our school. If you didn't attend, please come to the office or contact us to sign a letter of about following our confidentiality guidelines. We want our families to know our kids are being helped by people who support and understand our school's purpose. Thanks for your cooperation.

Our children have gotten off to a terrific start and the Merton Way is helping us get that done. The children are earning mustangs whenever a staff member finds them being doing their job, being safe or being kind toward another student. This is part of our school-wide behavior system that supports our kids to learn good habits in school.

Our intervention blocks as part of our Response to Intervention (RtI), which occur at each grade level have begun. There are three levels of instruction that occur: Universal-for most children; Selected-for a few children who need more practice; Targeted-for children who need intensive support. We will learn more about our children when they take the Measuring Academic Progress (MAP) assessments the weeks of September 30th and October 4th.

Thanks for getting the children to school on time and know that we kick off each day at 8:50 AM with our morning announcements. Please enjoy the weekend and take some time to read with the kids. Thanks for reading this post. Mike Budisch