My Friends

5 questions I ask myself when picking friends.

1) Are they trustworthy? I don't need anybody in my life that I couldn't count on to help me when I'm upset. If I need a friend to talk to, I don't want to have to worry about them running their mouth to everybody about what I had talked to them about.

2) Are they honest? I can't stand when people lie, even if the lie is small. I want someone I can depend on to tell me the truth no matter what.

3) Are they optimistic? Surrounding myself with negative people that are always unhappy puts me down. I like happy people.

4) Are they fun? I don't want to hang out with people who never do anything, I want to go places and try new things. I want friends that aren't afraid to joke around.

5) Are they responsible? I can't stand the people who talk about/do stupid things. "Oh, I cussed out my mom yesterday." Wow, you're SO cool.