The Backlash Soundtrack

By: Aniyah Foy

Dollhouse by Melanie Martinez

I chose this song because it went really well with the what was happening in the story at the time. “So I’m getting the impression things weren’t as rosy with your sister as your parents were making them out to be.”

“Yeah. My parents are pretending that everything was fine, because that’s what they always do, but she was a total mess." This song would go in the part where Lara is in the hospital and Police are talking to her family and Sydnee tells an officer that her parent are faking being the perfect family. I imagine a family portrait of Lara’s family and all of them wearing the fakest smiles.

Acquainted by The Weeknd

This song had a connection with Lara because Christian had said the L word and she was so strung on this. ”After Christian said he loved me? It wasn’t a long, romantic protestation of love- just a simple Love you right as he was signing off. But still- he said it. The L word.” This song would go in the part when Christian says the L word to Lara. I imagine Lara just daydreaming about how hot Christian was.

Why you always lyin' (Clean version) by Dalton Ward

I chose this song because Bree was lying to cops. “It was me. Did your mother know about this? Breanna? Did your mom know about the fake profile? Yes. She did.” This song would go in the part when the police go to the Connor's’ house for questioning and Bree and her mom were lying to them. I imagine the police questioning Bree and see right through all her lies because they already know the truth.

What goes around by Justin Timberlake

This song was chosen because it's just like the saying, what goes around comes back around. “When the alarm goes off to wake me up for school, I turn it off, fighting off tears, because I don’t know if I can face another day. I wonder if this is how Lara felt.” This song would go in the part when Bree is being treated like Lara was being treated in middle school. I imagine Bree going through what Lara was going through.

Stronger by Kelly Clarkson

I chose this song because Lara had finally gotten her life back on track.Today I’m grateful that the pills didn’t work. I’m grateful that everyday I’m feeling a little bit stronger. I’m so very grateful that I got the chance to try again.” This song should be in the part when Lara was cleaning out her memory box. I imagine Lara just being happy and being so grateful that the pills didn’t work.