The Bear Necessities

September 2021

Granby Memorial Middle School

Taylor P. Wrye, Principal

Heather A. Tanis, Assistant Principal

Important Dates


3 - Picture Day

6 - Labor Day - Schools & Offices Closed

14 - GMMS Curriculum Night - 6 pm to 8 pm

16 - Yom Kippur - School & Offices Closed


11 - Columbus Day - School & Offices Closed

12 - Professional Development - No School



2 - No School - Teacher Professional Development

18 - Afternoon & Evening Conferences

24 - Early Release Day

25 - No School - Thanksgiving

26 - No School - Thanksgiving Break

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Hello Granby Bears!

These first few days of school have been an absolute blast as we welcomed all the students back. We engaged in a lot of team-building activities and got to know each other. Ask your children about the activities they did; I know I heard a lot of laughter coming from classrooms. Also, we are bringing back some of the beloved after-school clubs. Check out the end of the Bear Necessities to see what is coming to GMMS this year.

This summer the GMMS staff read the book Teach Like a Pirate by David Burgess. So if you see pirate themes throughout the year this is why. In the book, we learned about and committed to the P.I.R.A.T.E. mantra. We focused on the #1st3Days which is centered around building and strengthening student-student and student-teacher/administrator relationships during the first three days of school, instead of jumping immediately into policy and procedures. It is our goal to make GMMS a home away from home and to make sure everyone has a sense of belonging here at the middle school.

Mark your calendars! We want to invite all of you to the in-person GMMS Curriculum Night on Tuesday, September 14th from 6 pm to 8 pm. You will follow your child's schedule from Homeroom to Period 8. You will listen to your child’s teacher provide information on our curriculum and what you can expect. The presentations will be uploaded to the teacher’s Google Classroom if you are unable to attend.

Every Friday this year will be Maroon and Gold Day here at Granby. If you or your children are interested, the Granby PTO has a lot of great Granby Gear, and Stitches by Me in Simsbury has a great Granby selection as well.

We are off to an amazing start here at GMMS. I look forward to sharing all the great things happening here each month with the Bear Necessities newsletter. If you have any suggestions on ways to enhance the Bear Necessities, please do not hesitate to reach out.


Taylor P. Wrye, Principal

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From the Farmington Valley YMCA:

The 50th Annual Granby Road Race will be held on Saturday, September 18, 2021 at 8:30 AM. Registration is open!

The race begins at the Granby Memorial Middle School and finishes in the circle in front of the High School. This is one of Connecticut's oldest historic road events. The 10K race takes place on a rolling scenic route, partly road and partly through the McLean Game Refuge. The 5K runs partly on road, and partly through Salmon Brook Park. The race benefits the YMCA’s Annual Campaign, which sends helps the Y to provide services and programs to neighbors in our community regardless of their ability to pay. We would love to see a group of our students, and possibly their teachers run together. If a classroom wants to organize a group of runners, contact for a discount code. The Y will offer a discount for these groups including a free entry for the classroom teacher! Come out and support 50 years of an event that makes Granby such a great community. The Y also looks forward to honoring the founders of the race, Dave Bale, Dave Hildreth, and Dennis Lobo!
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New Faces at GMMS

Mary Anderson - Grade 7 Math

My name is Mary Anderson and I’m so happy to be joining Granby schools this year as a math teacher! I just moved to Connecticut a few months ago, but my dad was born and raised in East Hartland, so I’ve been coming to this area of the country to visit relatives since I was a child.

I started my teaching career in 2005 after graduating from Columbia University. I have taught math and science at middle schools from New York City to Minnesota. I’ve worked across a variety of settings, with students from many places and experiences. I’m excited to add Granby to that list!

I live in East Hartland with my husband. In my free time, I love to play guitar and sing, read, make crafts, drink strong coffee, and invite friends over to watch movies on the giant screen in our basement.

I’m looking forward to a great year!

Louise Cull - Grade 8 Math

My name is Louise Cull and I am excited to be joining Granby Memorial Middle School being the new 8th grade math teacher! I am from New Hartford, CT and studied mathematics and secondary education at Springfield College. Math has been something that I have always enjoyed and I have a mind that is able to make math make sense. I look forward to being welcomed into the Granby community! Some things I love to do in my free time is be outdoors, dancing, and watching movies. This year is going to be fun!

Mary Myers - Reading Tutor

My name is Mary Myers and I am extremely excited to join Granby Memorial Middle School as the new Reading Tutor. I earned my Bachelor’s degree from SUNY Plattsburgh in Business Marketing and my Master’s degree from Saint Joseph College with a Reading and Language Specialization. I have several years of experience working with students from different age groups.

My husband and I have lived in Granby for 28 years and our three children have all attended the Granby Public Schools. Fun fact, we live in one of Granby’s original one-room schoolhouses!

I enjoy spending as much time as possible with my family, hiking, gardening, reading and renovating our over 200-year-old home. There always seems to be a project!

This year I am looking forward to fostering relationships and building confident readers.

Dianne Szipszky – Math Tutor

My name is Dianne Szipszky. I have recently moved to the Granby area and just joined GMMS as a math tutor. I am looking forward to working with students individually and in small groups. This past week, I was able to spend time in several classrooms observing and engaging with students.

I am a Mechanical Engineer by education, holding both a bachelor and masters degrees from Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, NJ. I worked as a design engineer and project manager in the energy industry for 6 years. After choosing to be a stay-at-home parent for a number of years and living in three different countries (Japan, Canada, and Singapore), I pivoted from engineering to teaching preschoolers for 6 year and tutoring high school students in math.

When I am not at school, I enjoy spending time with my husband, three college-aged daughters (when they are home) and my dog Happy. We can be found watching out for bears while gardening in our yard and exploring the local trails at Holcomb Farms, McLean Game Refuge or Granby Land Trust.

School Health Clinic

Water in school

Students are permitted to carry water in school. PLEASE encourage your student to bring a water bottle to school. They should only carry water! Please no juice, soda, caffeinated or energy drinks. For safety reasons students will not be permitted to carry water in the computer lab or the science lab.

Allergy/Asthma Season

As allergy season comes upon us, remember you may only send in medications with your child if you have a written Physician Authorization form on file with the nurse. This includes eye drops, nasal sprays, inhalers, and over-the-counter medications such as Tylenol, Ibuprofen, cold and allergy medications and cough suppressants. If your child absolutely needs decongestants or cough suppressants to ease their symptoms, we suggest trying the long acting type of cold medication which will provide them with relief throughout the school day if taken just prior to leaving home in the morning

The authorization forms can be downloaded from the GMMS Clinic website under “downloadable forms” and submitted to your physician for signature. Students may carry a few over-the-counter cough drops to help with a troublesome tickly cough, they should be instructed not to share the cough drops and reminded not to laugh talk, or play while sucking the cough drop.

Have a very healthy and happy school year.

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Granby Youth Service Bureau offers services to assist Granby youth and their families with many life issues. Their experienced and professional staff can provide individual and family counseling or assist you to find an appropriate provider for your needs. From the moment a youth or family member contacts the Bureau, information is strictly confidential.

All Counseling Services are provided by Master's level professionals or Master's Degree candidates completing a supervised internship.


Visual Arts

So happy to welcome everyone back to the Art Room!

Art class runs a bit differently this year in that students will have Art class every other day for one semester as the Unified Arts classes are running on an A/B format this year. There will be Google Classrooms set up for submitting artwork for grading, and all projects will travel home unless slotted to be displayed in the spring art show.

In all three grades we are reacquainting ourselves with the use of sketchbooks for taking notes, planning out projects, and free drawing. Our first unit of study will be a design project.

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School Wide Enrichment

Enrichment classes for students identified as exceptional learners, as well as students recommended by teachers, are currently being created. Enrichment classes will begin the week of September 13th, and students in grades 6, 7, or 8 will be placed in one of the following classes: Independent Study, Creative Writing & Literature, Future Problem Solving or Current Events & Issues. These classes will meet once weekly during an academic class period. Mrs. Cowles is also teaching a Success6 class, as well as facilitating a WIN6 and Academic Enrichment7 class. All students will be encouraged to be curious and creative, think critically, and problem solve regardless of their class placement. Here’s an image of a bulletin board located outside the Enrichment room this year for inspiration (based on Apple’s ‘Think Different’ campaign).
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This month starts a new beginning for all of our GMMS PE Students, but it also starts the career of our newest PE Teacher Ms. Wabble! The students are enjoying every other day PE this year! As we get back to some sense of normalcy, the PE department is focused on building the foundation for great relationships in our class room. Ice breaker games, getting to know one another, and diving into some fitness goals starts off the year!

Technology Education

Welcome back to Tech Ed…

After a summer of hard work in the Tech Ed room students are coming back to a couple exciting new changes.

NEW COMPUTERS IN THE TECH ED ROOM! The first new change is brand new computers in the Tech Ed room! The legacy HP computers had served us well for 7 years and it was time for them to be moved on to other tasks in the district. They just could no longer handle the demands of modern design. The new machines from Dell have faster processors, more memory, and a higher powered graphics card that is up to the needs of the design projects. A 3d printer or CNC post process simulation on the old machines could take upwards of 5 minutes, so every time a student wanted to test or even view their design they had to wait 5 minutes for the images to render. On the new machines, this same post process is done in seconds! This will allow for instant iterations and simulations as the students complete and test and then refine their products in their design tasks, without the wait time of the past. Thank you Granby for funding this replacement project!

ONSHAPE COMING TO GMMS! The most exciting new change is not in the computers though. It is in the design software. Granby Technology Education is piloting a shift to a design product called OnShape! While SolidWorks has served us very well for years and years and is an industry standard, it is a software tool that is limited to running only on the PCs in the lab. Having the learning and work limited only to the lab in the days of covid quaranties and students wanting to work beyond the classroom is just no longer realistic in a modern educational world. Solidworks is a computer based design tool that sadly does not yet have a cloud based component. This has limited the learning ONLY to the Tech Ed lab forcing the learning to stop at the door, which is just unacceptable in modern education. OnShape is a cloud based design tool. It nearly mirrors the design capabilities and operation of Solidworks as it was developed by the same team of engineers that developed SolidWorks, but it runs in the cloud. So the skills learned will be easily transferable to SolidWorks or even Fusion, but the learning can now happen beyond the classroom. With Onshape every student has their own account and students can access and work on their projects on their home computers! Any decent computer at home can be used for their onshape work. A traditional mouse is needed, and as with any design a large screen is always preferred. But even the chromebooks can be used for some simple design work. This is a very exciting pilot that was very necessary to allow the learning to extend beyong the classroom. No longer will the design and 3d modeling be limited to the Tech Ed computer room! And students once they learn the basics, they will be able to use onshape for modeling in other courses as well, for presentations and developing ideas. In Granby we have set up our own onshape domain. In addition to eventually allowing students to collaborate on projects, the domain allows us to have the students work in the cloud while maintaining the necessary security of our student products and creations. Onshape will be used primarily by 7th and 8th graders, although I am also considering rolling it into the 6th grade course as well.

Welcome back to an exciting year in GMMS Technology Education! - Mr. Pickhardt

Media Class 6

Through a Project-based curriculum, students will attain skills for school, work and life: communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking.

Students’ first project choices will use the tool Google Drawings, which is a versatile tool that allows you to make graphic designs and publications.

Vision Board- Inspire yourself to reach your goals by creating a vision board. Skills: Communication, digital publishing, using word art, and document formatting.

Pop Art - Use pop art techniques to transform a photo. Skills: internet search, photo and color selection, outline and fill shapes.

Infographic - Summarize and communicate information visually. Skills: Data analysis, data visualization, effective communication, organizing data, and source evaluation.

Comic Strip- Learn how to plan for and create a comic strip about a story or series of events.

Skills: story planning, formatting, inserting and manipulating shapes, adding words and thoughts.

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Family Consumer Science

Welcome to another fabulous year here at Granby Memorial Middle School and we are off to a great start in FCS. The 6 graders are settling in nicely and are beginning their investigation of how to be wise consumers! Grade 7 will be getting into the kitchens to brush up on their cooking skills from last year and grade 8 will be whipping up some delicious “Blue Oat” smoothies. We encourage you to try one at home!

Blueberry Oatmeal Smoothie


  • 1 handful fresh spinach

  • 1 cup frozen blueberries preferably organic

  • 1/2 cup old fashioned gluten-free rolled oats

  • 1 cup unsweetened nondairy milk rice, almond, soy, etc

  • 1 tablespoon pure maple syrup or 2 Medjool dates

  • 1 teaspoon cinnamon optional

  • 2 ice cubes optional

  • fresh blueberries for garnish optional


  1. Place all ingredients in a blender and purée until smooth.

  2. Garnish with more fresh blueberries, if desired


~ Place the spinach in the bottom of the blender, followed by blueberries and oats. Then add the liquid ingredients on top. This prevents any splashing from adding heavy ingredients into liquid and helps the greens to blend smoothly since they are closest to the blades.

~ Use frozen berries for a nice thick smoothie.

~ Use old-fashioned rolled oats or quick cook oats. Do not use steel-cut oats.

~ Choose certified gluten-free oats to ensure this smoothie is gluten-free if you need it.

~ Use unsweetened plain non-dairy milk to avoid any unnecessary sweeteners. Or you could even use water.

~ Pour it into an insulated to-go cup for breakfast on the run.

~ Use a high-speed blender, like a Vitamix, Blendtec, or KitchenAid K400, to ensure a super creamy smoothie.

Nutrition Serving: 1g | Calories: 194kcal | Carbohydrates: 34g | Protein: 5g | Fat: 5g | Saturated Fat: 3g | Sodium: 21mg | Fiber: 5g | Sugar: 15g

Music News

Band & Chorus

The GMMS Performing Ensembles are ready to tackle a brand new school year, and we are thrilled to welcome back musicians this year that could not perform with us last year! The band and chorus classes have overcome many changes and challenges in the last year, including the integration of courses into the school schedule, the extra distancing between music students in the classroom, and even purchasing PPE for instrumentalists – all to keep our students safe. We are also grateful to have the opportunity to perform in school and have been extra careful to follow the current state guidelines.

In addition to our grade-level ensembles, we offer Select Choir (Thursdays) and Jazz Band (Mondays) ensembles as well. These ensembles rehearse after school and are open to students in grades 6-8 by audition only. Audition information will be available in the near future. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Music Department T-shirts

Stay tuned for information on ordering our Music Department t-shirts! Open to 6th-grade musicians and new students, or any current music students who outgrew their old shirts. These shirts may be used during performances throughout the year.

Northern Regional Middle School Festival

Band and chorus students that wish to engage in an advanced musical challenge have the option to audition for the Northern Region Middle School Festival. Auditions for this festival are scored by professional judges, and the top scorers from all the middle schools in northern CT are awarded with an opportunity to perform at an in-person festival. This year, auditions are completed virtually and students record themselves playing prepared scales and a solo piece. Registration is due by December 3rd, and video submissions are due by December 11th. Interested students should notify their music teacher ASAP. After school practice sessions will be offered. More information to come!

7th Grade Music Appreciation

Our 7th grade music students start with an entire unit about “listening”. They address questions like: How do we listen to music? What elements change when we change the genre of a song? How do composers express emotion in music, and how does that help them tell a story? The second unit addresses the global problem of “music piracy”. Students come away with knowledge on how to ethically and legally own music, and use the music that they own to create a one-of-a-kind album to “sell to the public”. Lastly, students will learn about how scientifically their voice can be used as an instrument.

8th Grade Music Appreciation

The 8th Grade music curriculum focuses on learning to play the classical guitar. Students will study several different genres of guitar repertoire: Blues, Spirituals, Folk songs, Patriotic, and Rock and Roll. Not only do will they experience 8+ chords and how to read a chord chart, but they learn the history and legacy of America’s music timeline, dating back to the Civil War!

Please email or with any questions.

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World Language

Spanish 6 with Mrs. Jaquez

The 6th grade Spanish is working on Lecciones preliminares which are review lessons of the structures and vocabulary learned in previous years.

We are reviewing: Forms of greetings/ introductory Q/A, weather, days of the week, seasons, months, calendar. Students will also decorate the classroom and research about famous Spanish speaking people as a way of celebrating "El Mes de la Herencia Hispana"

Spanish 7 & 8 with Mrs. Schaumburger

7th Grade Spanish students have begun our unit “Mi Horario en la Escuela”, where they will learn about school schedules, and how schools are similar or different in Spanish-speaking countries. They will create and present their “Horario Ideal” (ideal schedule), focusing on the verb structures “tengo que llegar” and “para sacar una buena nota necesito”, as well as formalizing their knowledge of subject pronouns and -ar verb conjugation. We have also begun our Persona Especial interviews, adding more advanced sentence structures to tell about ourselves and then read about each other in 3rd person.

8th Grade Spanish students are working on our unit about family, which has writing and a speaking component. We are increasing our elaboration to create sentences that answer a variety of questions (where, with whom, when, how often, why). Students will also learn to speak and write about possession, via talking about both the Spanish royal family and about each others’ family members. We continue with Persona Especial interviews, adding each year to our ability to answer questions about ourselves and then read about each other in 3rd person. We ended August by reading about the fun annual Tomatina tradition in Valencia, Spain, and having our own mini Tomatina!

This month, Spanish students in all grades will explore Hispanic Heritage month, which celebrates the many Latin American countries whose Independence Days fall in September.

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French with Mrs. Sales

In French class, the first week of school has been centered around creating a collaborative environment that engages active listening, observation, cooperation and personal connections.

Throughout the month of September 6th grade French students will explore the benefits of world language learning, make connections between the French language and English words that they already know and dive into the basics!

Revitalize: the theme for September for grades 7 & 8! Let’s restore our language learning from last year and in turn bring strength and confidence to new learning.

The photo below - Bataille de boules de neige (Our version of a snowball fight in 7th grade with questions that the students needed to answer about themselves)!

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Mandarin Chinese with Ms. Zhang

Welcome to GMMS! My name is Ms. Zhang and I am your Chinese teacher this year! We are going to have a lot of fun, and we will learn a lot! I am so excited to be your teacher!! Also having parental support and communication is an essential part of a successful school year. We had a fabulous first week. We did an icebreaker activity called “Would You Rather?” in our class to help our friends meet their classmates. We also made our birthday board together with Chinese names. Remember Sep 6th is no school. And picture day is Friday!
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A Note from the Science Department

The GMMS science department is excited to be able to return to more group work and hands-on activities this year! In all grade levels, students will not only learn about NGSS Disciplinary Core Ideas, but also Science and Engineering Practices and Crosscutting Concepts. Science and Engineering practices include: asking questions (science) and defining problems (engineering), developing and using models, planning and carrying out investigations, analysing and interpreting data, using mathematics and computational thinking, constructive explanation (science) and designing (engineering) solutions, engaging in argument from evidence and obtaining, evaluating and communicating information. Crosscutting Concepts include patterns, cause and effect, scale, proportion and quantity, systems and system models. energy and matter, structure and function, and stability and change.

Sixth grade curriculum covers Heat and Density, Survival (Genetics), Cells and Human Body and Weather.

Seventh grade will cover Chemistry, Earth’s Changing Surface and Ecology.

Eighth grade will cover Fossils and Earth’s History, Space and Physics. If you are interested in learning more about NGSS click here.


Integrated Science 6

Sixth grade will begin the year by studying heat. Students will learn about energy in general, how heat energy travels, and how to speed up and slow down the transfer of heat. The concepts learned in this unit will be used to design a plan to keep people trapped in a freezer warm for as long as possible. Upon completion of the heat unit, sixth-grade students will complete a mini-unit on density by designing and constructing a flotation device for their toy dog Fetch.

Global Studies 6

Sixth grade students started the year with getting to know you and team building activities. Currently, we are working on our “Launching Geography Tools” unit. In this unit, we will study basic map skills, track hurricanes, and study the five themes of geography. Students will be asked to assess the impact of the five themes of geography on their lives. After researching each of the five themes, students will work to create a culminating project about a place that is special to them.

*If you’d like to help your child learn during this unit you can point out when you see maps used during daily life and discuss their helpfulness or purpose as a family. For example, weather maps you see on the news or maps that represent data seen in media sources.

This week, students began exploring the idea of movement of goods, people and ideas by creating their own boats using plastic straws and duct tape. The winning boat held 21 markers!

English Language Arts 6

Sixth graders are getting acclimated to switching classes and new schedules. After establishing our independent reading routines, we will be entering a narrative/fiction writing unit. Please look for your student’s independent reading books in their backpacks!

Grade 6 Math

In grade 6 math, both classes will be beginning the year with a geometry unit. In this unit, students will find area, surface area, and volume. We will be using a variety of resources, including hands-on manipulatives, online explorations, and drawing models. Seeing the content in multiple ways will help students to see how these shapes are represented in their everyday lives.

In addition to focusing on geometry, grade 6 math teachers will be spending time at the beginning of the school year to get to know your student as a math learner. The focus will be placed on developing good math habits and a positive growth mindset. Setting a solid foundation now will help students to be the best math learners they can be!


Pictured Below: "Master Designer" Is an activity that requires students to follow specific directions.

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Ask your students about this book that we read aloud in class! It was a good reminder that math really is everywhere and to have a growth mindset when learning it.
I'm Trying to Love Math Read Aloud



The Team 7 students enjoyed some fun and teambuilding during AE last week!

Integrated Science 7

In the first few days of school, seventh graders used their communication, measuring, and problem-solving skills to build hot air balloons. We will be launching them the first week of September to raise up our goals for the year!

The seventh graders will begin the year by studying heat. Students will learn about energy in general, how heat energy travels, and how to speed up and slow down the transfer of heat. The concepts learned in this unit will be used to design a plan to keep people trapped in a freezer warm for as long as possible. Upon completion of the heat unit, Seventh grade students will begin their study of Chemistry.

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Global Studies 7

Seventh grade students will begin the year by evaluating the importance of geography, how it is used, and why it matters. The first unit of study is “Geography Tools & The USA”. We spent the first few days of class developing relationships and learning what geography is and why geography knowledge is useful. Students worked collaboratively on a “Where in the World?” mapping challenge. Check out these images of 7th grade students doing their best to draw world maps from memory. Don’t be surprised if your child challenges you to this same task at home!

*If you’d like to help your child learn in this unit, you can ask them to tell you how geography may be a factor in certain real-life situations (i.e. Why geography matters?). For example, if a parent or friend is traveling internationally, what important geographic considerations would matter (culture of the destination, time zones, climate, current issues, etc.)?

English Language Arts 7

Seventh grade students spent the first few days of school engaging in “getting to know you” activities. After a long summer break and a year in which many students were online, students had the opportunity to reacquaint themselves with one another. After the icebreaker activities, students jumped right into unit one by learning about how to construct a theme in literature. Unit one will focus on narrative reading and writing, with the ultimate goal of students becoming better creative writers and more engaged readers. Please remind students that they should bring an independent reading book to school.
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Grade 7 Math

Grade 7 (Anderson & Falkenberg):

In grade 7 math we will begin the year with a scale drawings

unit. Students will learn about terms “scaled copy,” “to scale,”

“scale factor,” “scale drawing,” and “scale,” and recognize when

two pictures or plane figures are or are not scaled copies of

each other. We will focus on mindset, along with accepting and

learning from mistakes. Students will be creating a digital notebook for the unit.

Grade 7 Accelerated (Anderson)

In Accelerated Math we are also starting the year off with a unit on scale drawings. We will learn the terms “scaled copy”, “to scale”, “scale factor”, “scale drawing”, and “scale”, spend some time distinguishing between scales copies and those that aren’t to scale, and explore real world applications of this math concept through looking at maps, murals, and floor plans. Students will be creating a digital notebook for the unit.


Integrated Science 8

Eighth graders started the year with an engineering challenge - to Save Bobby or build a catapult.

In September, we will learn about the importance of biodiversity by using scientific evidence to track the way that life forms are similar. This will include observations of fossil evidence of how life forms on Earth have changed through time due to environmental pressures. Students will choose an endangered animal, independently examine the fossil record of their animal, and create a group cladogram or phylogenetic tree of related animals. Ultimately, students will make a determination about what, if any, actions should be taken to save the species.

United States History 8

Grade 8 introduced students to the timeline of American history and some of the key skills historians use to understand the past. We’ll be studying the history of the New England colonies and Native American First Nations as well as doing some neat activities to solve historical mysteries. This will prepare students to study the causes and effects of the American Revolution. In Mr. Butler’s class, students drafted a class Constitution. Here are the two drafts of Mr. Butler’s 8th Grade Class Constitution. Students will vote in class on Wednesday for the one we will use as our agreement for school this year.
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English Language Arts 8

As we begin the year, eighth graders are adjusting to the new middle school schedule and their array of teacher faces! They have settled quickly and are working to manage classroom routines meant to maximize our time together.

Students are amidst the first week of unit one, focusing on narrative literature and creative writing. We are adopting the mindset that to write well, one must find appreciation for the writing of others.

Class will be flooded with experimenting and discussion as we move toward finding a creative seed with which to compose an original story.

Please remind your 8th grader to establish a system of recording due dates and reminders. Organization is essential as we prepare for high school. Also, please encourage your student to read as much as possible at home. Each student will soon have an independent book chosen in English, and will be responsible for bringing this text to class each day.

Grade 8 Math

Grade 8 (Cull & Falkenberg):

In Math 8 we are beginning the year with our first unit on Rigid Transformations. In this unit the students will be working with transforming figures, using transformations, rotations, and reflections. Students will be identifying the different properties of transformations, and talking about congruence. Students will be creating a digital notebook for the unit.

Grade 8 Accelerated (Cull) - Algebra

In Algebra we are beginning the year with our first unit that is on One Variable Statistics. In this unit the students will be doing a lot of looking at data and figuring out how to go about representing that data in different formats and graphs. With all the data the students will be able to analyze the data and interpret what the data means.

Extracurricular Activities

Computer/Coding CLUB (Mrs. Ryan):

Open to 6th, 7th and 8th graders - Want to learn more about Graphic Design, Photo Editing, Video Creation, Animation, or Coding? Join the Computer/Coding Club and learn something new or share your knowledge with others! Meetings will be held most Mondays from 2:30 - until 3:30 with Mrs. Ryan. We will meet in the Media Center (and also utilize the computer lab in the Tech Ed room). This club runs October - May; specific dates to be announced.

8th Grade Art Club

8th Grade Art Club will be starting up again in person! This club will meet twice per month on Friday afternoons from 2:30-3:30pm. Permission slips will be available in the Art room on October 1st. The dates for the Art Club meetings will be listed on the permission slips.

Fish Kids

FishKids will hopefully be able to meet this year. Watch for updates. It will be open to students in grades 7 and 8 only.

Science Club

Science Club will begin meeting in late September, hopefully meeting on either Tuesdays or Thursdays from 2:35 to 3:30 pm in room 86. We can do short activities or long-term projects, depending on what members would like to do. Students in grade 6, 7, and 8 are welcome to join. Listen for updates on the morning news.
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Announcing MathCounts Club:

MathCounts is a club for students who enjoy challenging themselves with new math problems and problem solving activities in a collaborative and encouraging environment. The goal of the MathCounts Club is to prepare a team of individuals to represent the school in a regional MathCounts competition held in February. We will begin meeting on Tuesday afternoons starting October 19th, 2021. We will engage in practice competitions and explore different strategies for solving problems we have never encountered before. If your student is interested, please access the permission slip using the link here.

Yearbook Culb

The Yearbook Club is a unique opportunity for 8th graders to gain experience with photography and graphic design to create their yearbook. Meetings will be held after school in Mrs. Schaumburger's classroom. Students should listen to the daily announcements for more details.

Renaissance Club

The Renaissance Club is a group that provides service to our students, staff and local community. We focus on creating experiences and events that will bring joy and assistance to others. Some of our previous work has included planning after school events for students, delivering Valentine's breakfast to staff, volunteering at a local daycare and collecting winter wear for local shelters. If you're looking to do more good for others, please come join us at our Monday meetings after school. Please see Madame Sale or Mrs. Mitchell with any questions.