Smore Job: Customer Support Leader

Help thousands of users in a fun, professional environment

About Smore

Smore is building the simplest online marketing platform for small, offline businesses. We're helping the local stores, the real estate agents, the book sellers and the coffee shops finally get into online promotion, and get hooked on it :)

We're passionate about building beautiful, easy to use products that just make sense.

We're a 5-person team working out of Ramat Gan, Israel (you will be person #6).

A Cupcake Story

Job Description

Smore has 200,000 free users and thousands of paying users. We're looking for a fun, patient, nice and professional customer support person.

At first, your job would be to support our users and make them feel cared for.

If all goes well (for you and for Smore), you'll have the potential to be in charge of a support team.

  • Support hundreds of thousands of users as well as thousands of high-priority customers.
  • Work on a beautiful, intuitive product and make it better.
  • Keep the rest of the team in touch with what our users think of us.
  • Work in a fun, balanced environment with one of the best Web teams in Israel.
  • See what it is to work at a cool startup :)


  • Top notch English
  • Should be patient, kind, helpful, responsible
  • Passionate about providing a great experience for customers
  • Technological or support background (e.g. QA or other)
  • Be able to learn new things quickly

Top 10 reasons why Smore is cool!

  1. We're fun loving, nice people and we joke around a lot
  2. Small, dedicated team
  3. One of the best product and Web teams in Israel
  4. We work from 10:30-19:00pm, and we leave early on Thursdays
  5. We all have lunch together every day
  6. Company pays for a fancy lunch once a week :)
  7. Our customers love our product :)
  8. We're fair and offer decent wages without any gotchas or tricks
  9. Our mascot is a s'more with a smile on his face!
  10. We have two office geckos! Connors and Hazel!


Contact us at

Or by phone: 054-7709111