Royce Hunter

work and achievments


One day when Mohammed was droving

He passed a ghastly sight

A koala and a ding

Were in a deadly fight

Dingo boxed up koala

Made him look quite dead

Koala punched dingo

BANG SMACK in the head

Further down the track

He saw a running roo

Running faster than Usain Bolt

Then he stopped for a number two

Now Mohammed got to ‘Quinty

Stopped to buy some grog

“Can I buy this”

Who served him? It was a frog

Mohammed got to Wagga Wagga

Parked his dirty old sheep

Mohammed felt bloomin’ tired

He had a soothing sleep


Who is the Artist?

The Greetland academy Year 6

What is the artwork called?


Why has the artist created this artwork?

For a school project

When you look at the mosaic do you view it the same way as the artist?

I view it as a crab swimming at the bottom of the ocean looking for food

Describe the artwork and what it represents?

The artwork is a colourful crab at the bottom of the blue sea, with some surrounding reeds. The mosaic is made out broken tiles.