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Community Newsletter - October 4, 2021

A Message from Principal Blair

Progress reports will be distributed on Tuesday, October 5th. We have several students with missing assignments and/or low Unit test scores. Please sign up for grade alerts on Parent Portal so that you can assist in monitoring their progress.

PTO is now accepting members and collecting dues of $5 per family. Please complete the google form below to secure your membership! You can turn in money to the JMS front office or contact Blythe Ray to remit payment.

PTO Membership


Tuesday & Wednesday

8th Grade RLA


7th Grade Math

6th & 7th Grade RLA

6th Grade Social Studies

JMS is launching an ATTENDANCE CHALLENGE! Each week, we will update the Average Daily Attendance (ADA) by grade level. At the end of the nine week cycle, the grade level with the highest percentage will participate in a Mini-Field Day! Our campus goal is 97% each day. Here are this week's averages:

6th Grade - 86%

7th Grade - 92%

8th Grade - 90%

*Our campus received funding based on attendance at 9:02 AM each day. Please keep this in mind anytime you are scheduling appointments during the school day.*

Cougar Proud,

Kelly Blair

JMS Instructional Focus

JMS is excited to launch CHAMPS expectations in every classroom. Prior to daily instruction, teachers will review the expectations based on the lesson activity. This week, we will focus our efforts on expectations during Direct Teach. This portion of the lesson is critical as it is centered on introducing new content.

CHAMPS Direct Teach

C – (Conversation) Level 0

H – (Help) Raise your hand

A – (Activity) Direct Teach

M – (Movement) Stay Seated

P – (Participation) Active Listening

S – (SUCCESS) New knowledge acquired

This Week @ JMS

Monday, October 4

  • WIN - Grade Checks & Homework
  • Volleyball @ Taylor

Tuesday, October 5th

  • NJHS Meeting 7:15 AM
  • WIN - Character Education
  • Drama Club 4:15 PM
  • Books with Mrs. Blair - Book Club Interest Meeting 4:00 PM
  • Progress Reports distributed

Wednesday, October 6

  • STUCO Meeting 7:15 AM
  • WIN - Math Interventions
  • One Act Play Auditions 4:15 PM
  • Anime Club 3:50 PM
  • Spanish Club 3:50 PM
  • School Board Meeting 6:30 PM

Thursday, October 7

  • WIN - Math Interventions
  • One Act Play Auditions 4:15 PM
  • Football @ China Springs

Friday, October 8

  • WIN - Math Interventions
  • One Act Play Auditions 4:15 PM
Big picture

Library Notes & Tech Tips from Mrs. Martone

During the month of October we will begin digital citizenship lessons with RLA classes in the library. Our lessons this month will cover media balance and well-being. It’s vital that we teach our kids healthy habits when it comes to using technology. Check out these two resources from Common Sense Education for tips on helping your kids have a healthy media balance.

Help Kids Balance Their Media Life

5 Signs Your Kid Has a Healthy Relationship with Screens

Attendance Matters

Attendance is a Community Priority

Showing up for school has a huge impact on a student’s academic success. Even as children grow older and more independent, families and community members play a key role in making sure all students get to school every day and understand why attendance is so important for success in school and on the job.

Make school attendance a priority
  • Talk about the importance of showing up to school every day.
  • Help your children maintain daily routines, such as finishing homework and getting a good night’s sleep.
  • Try not to schedule dental and medical appointments during the school day. If it is unavoidable, try to schedule appointments in the afternoon.
  • If your children must stay home because they are sick, make sure they have asked teachers for resources and materials to make up for the missed learning time in the classroom. If your child tests positive for COVID-19 or is a close contact with a positive case, contact your child's teacher about Remote Conferencing.

Help your child stay engaged in school

  • Find out if your children feel engaged by their classes, and feel safe from bullies and other threats.
  • Make sure your children are not missing class because of challenges with behavioral issues or school discipline policies. If any of these are problems, contact the school and work with them to find a solution.
  • Monitor your child’s academic progress and seek help from teachers or tutors when necessary. Make sure teachers know how to contact you.
  • Stay on top of your child’s social contacts. Peer pressure can lead to skipping school, while students without many friends can feel isolated.
  • Encourage your child to join meaningful after-school activities, including sports and clubs. Jarrell Middle School and Jarrell High School have tons of activities and clubs for students to get involved in. Ask your child's school for more information.
  • Notice and support your children if they are showing signs of anxiety, such as headaches or stomach aches. Listen to their concerns, and if needed, ask school staff for help. Jarrell ISD's counselors are there to help. And the Jarrell ISD Family Health Clinic can also provide resources.

Absences Related to COVID-19

  • If your student must miss school due to COVID-19, please contact your child's teacher about Remote Conferencing.
  • Remote conferencing instructional support is a short-term opportunity allowing your child to stay within the 90% attendance requirement and not fall behind on assignments while absent.
  • Please note, Remote Conferencing is not remote instruction. Instead, this setting will provide up to four hours of live teacher support per day from an online facilitator to assist students with assignment completion.
  • Attendance will be taken. There is one required daily attendance meeting that is mandatory for students to be counted present for the day.

Counselor's Corner - Mrs. Hardt & Ms. Arms

It’s October already! This is traditionally a very busy month in education. We have Fire Prevention the entire month of October. At the end of the month we will celebrate Red Ribbon Week where we emphasis Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention. Red Ribbon Week is October 23 – 31, 2021. Be on the lookout for all of the activities that we are planning for that week. Just for fun there are also:

World Farm Animal Day October 2

Universal Music Day October 12

National Chocolate Cupcake Day October 18

Reptile Awareness Day October 21

And finally, we cannot forget about Halloween—or at least the children are not wanting us to forget. Stay safe and take care of yourself and each other.

Upcoming Events

Monday, October 11

  • Student Holiday
  • District Cross Country Meet
  • Professional Development

Tuesday, October 12

  • Student Holiday
  • Professional Development

Wednesday, October 13

  • WIN - Math Interventions
  • Homecoming Parade & Pep Rally 7:00 PM

Thursday, October 14

  • WIN - Math Interventions
  • Morning Pep Rally 7:45 AM
  • Home Football vs. Waco Robinson
  • Home Volleyball vs. Gateway

Friday, October 15

  • WIN - Math Interventions
  • Student Ambassador Meeting 8:00 AM

JMS Office Staff

Kelly Blair, Principal

Daren Childs, Assistant Principal

Brad Louder, Dean of Students

Korin Hardt, Counselor

Leasa Arms, Counselor

Mandy Crane, Admin Assistant

Betty Peralta, Registrar

Patricia Esquivel, Attendance Clerk

Tristyn Lopez, Campus Secretary