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Week of January 19th

This week at New Haven:

Thurs: AT vs Erpenbeck (home)

Think Tank Discussion- Last week's work together was great. I'm hoping that you were able to visually see what the data tells us about our student's progress. I hope that you saw some trends, and were able to take some time to reflect on your Student Growth Goals; making sure you are on the right path. Overall, the school is making good growth. As a school, our average SGP is 71 and our students' are at the 55th PR. (average school). What we are doing is making a difference. Now that we've had a chance to see the little pieces to the big picture we can begin deciding what works, and what we need to refine. That will be next Monday's discussion. Take some time to reflect on those students that you've seen amazing growth in, and those that are stagnant and think about what is / isn't working. We'll focus on our next steps... Next Monday! :)


Non-fiction focus- I found a blog with some great resources for teaching non-fiction. I've embedded the link below.

Daily 5- Embedded link for various ideas. Some of our 2nd and 5th grade teachers are introducing this strategy. Looking forward to them sharing their thoughts about this at the end of the year.

Math Reflection questions- easy questioning to check for student understanding and thinking.

Teaching Plot through Pixar Short videos- attached. (geared toward intermediate)

Staffer of the week- Everyone deserves to be recognized for the work they do. We are all an important part of the team, and each contributes something special! Thank you for all you do! This week we want to recognize Rita Merchant. Thank you for the resources that you're so willing to share, and all of the extra time that you put in for our kids!
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