Camp SunShine

A Camp to feel in place with life threating illness

Camp Description

2 Weeks of a fun summer camp for children with life threating illneses.Specialty camp include: Bereavement ,Brain tumor, fanconi, LUPUS, sickle sell , and solid organ Transplant. this camp session is free for girls and boys . this camp is like all the other camps ! FUN FUN FUN . the goal is to get your child/children comfortable in their own body and love themselves. the camp will be overnight , and the last day of the camp we will celebrate with you and your children

what to bring

Daily Schedule at Camp SunShine

Breafeast - 10:00am

Fun and games - 12:00pm


quiet / nap time -2:00pm

snack time - 3:00pm

arts and crafts - 4:00pm

medication - 6:00pm

bathroom changing - 7:00pm

theme changing -7:30pm

dinner - 8:00pm

prayer time - 9:00pm

lights out - 9:30pm

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