Colonial America

BY: Jason-Lamont Jackson

Roanoke Island (Lost Colony) 1585

  • Established as an economic venture
  • Off the coast of North Carolina
  • Supply ships arrived and found all the settlers missing

Jamestown 1607

  • The first permanent English settlement in North America
  • Was an economic venture by the Virginia Company of London

Plymouth Colony 1620

  • Settled by the Pilgrims or Separatists from the Church of England
  • who wanted to avoid persecution
  • Settlers wrote the Mayflower Compact
  • This is the 1 document of self-government in the new world
  • They wrote the document before getting off the ship

Massachusetts Bay Colony 1630

  • Settled by the puritans to avoid religious persecution

Pennsylvania 1682

  • Settled by the Quakers who wanted Freedom to practice their faith without interference

Georgia 1733

  • Settled by the people who had been in debtors prison
  • They hoped to experience economic freedom an start a new life in the New World