Hound Dog True

Linda Urban

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Hound Dog True

Hound Dog True Summary

First,Mattie isn't popular and doesn't have any friends. Next,Uncle Potluck talks to the moon and I think that Uncle Potluck is helping Mattie through her issues. Then,Uncle Potluck goes into Mattie's school and becomes a custodian. Mattie has a notebook that she keeps her stories in. Also,whatever she learns that she wants to know for a long time she keeps it in her notebook. In the book,her mom and Quincy read her notebook and Mattie is kind of upset,but then she is okay.

So after that,Mattie keeps helping Uncle Potluck and likes his job. Then people in Mattie's class find out that Mattie's uncle works at their school. So then they start being her friend. Finally, Mattie moves on and is happy. That is what happened in the story Hound Dog True.


What should I do?


My mom and Quincy read my notebook.What should I do about it?


Mattie Breen

Dear Mattie,

I think you should not get upset and forgive them.I think that because if you get upset at them then it is going to turn into a huge problem.This is not going to be good. I know that you wrote stuff to keep private but now you don't have to hide it from them and you can keep it out more.That's my advice to you about how you should handle this problem.


Ella Swartz


A problem in the book is when Mattie wasn't making friends. In my opinion I think everyone should be included. I think that because when you get left out then you wouldn't feel good. That's how Mattie felt.Plus it's good to make friends because then you know that you have a person you can trust and hang out with. That's why I think that everyone should be included in things.


I felt good about the book. I recommend this book to other students. My favorite part was when Mattie got Quincy as a friend. My least favorite part was when Mattie's mom and Quincy were around Mattie because then it made Mattie nervous because she thought they would read her notebook.That's my opinion about this book and I hope you get to read it sometime.