Christmas Break

By: Maia Boling

What I Did During Christmas Break.

During Christmas break I did a lot of cool things. One thing that I did was, of course, spend time with family. And for once I didn't spend the whole time playing video games, I actually put my devices down and talked. LOL!
Another thing I did was go camping. I went to McKinney Falls State Park. We went to the lower falls. Nobody could go to the upper falls because of the flood on Halloween. If you haven't, you should totally go there. It's really fun.

The last thing I did was travel. I really didn't go anywhere far though. I only went to Pflugerville, if you don't know it is close to Austin, and San Antonio. I went to those places for Christmas. We went to Austin on Christmas Eve and spent the night at my grandparents house and left on Christmas day after opening presents. But instead of going home, we went straight to San Antonio to celebrate there.

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