NPA Family Update

April 5, 2021

Greetings NPA Families!

Welcome back. We hope you enjoyed a restful spring break. We have some shocking news for you -- we only have TWO more assignment sheets this school year. Please stay involved so we can all guide your student to the semester finish line. A reminder that families are welcome at any appointment. We're here to serve and you are an important part of the success of NPA.

Assignment Sheet #9

This week we close out assignment sheet #8 and move into assignment sheet #9.

Assignment sheet #8 included 20 days of ADA - did your student meet that goal?

Notice in #9 we have 15 days of ADA.

For the new families, we've welcomed to NPA since Spring Break, the key to success at NPA is understanding the assignment sheet! Here is a quick video to better understand the "anatomy of the assignment sheet!"

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Sierra College for grades 9-11

The time is NOW to get set to register for an academic enrichment class for Summer 2021 AND/OR Fall 2021. There are 4 steps to being cleared for academic enrichment registration. Step #1 is to meet with NPA counselor Karla Aaron. This meeting can be done on the phone, over Google Meet, or in person. Set up a time for this using Karla's calendar link here!

Community Resource to Support our Teens

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NJUHSD Counseling Update 3/24/2021 HERE

Within this edition: Planning for Life After High School Virtual College/Career Fairs Seniors - Next Steps Sierra College - 2 Years Free - Opt in! District Scholarship Applicants - Update Resources for Families