Que Pasa con Easter Island?!

So many rumors, mysteries, and theories! By Luis Guerra.

How where the Moai moved?

These oddly shaped heads are facing the ocean carved by volcanic (volcano like) rock , the question is how did they move the heads? There are several theories.The most believed theory is where there are three groups of people trying to move the Moai, (the weirdly shaped heads found on this island). One group of six people on each side and one group in the back to stabilize the head statue . The ones on the side move it in a rocking motion that makes it look like a waddling penguin.

What happened with the people?

Scientist believe along time ago there was a huge population (the amount of people that live there). They think lots of them were Polynesian that came in boats "12 Skeletons DNA's found were Polynesian".(article) People say "they may have died because of the lack of resources that made them to starve to death that lead to cannibalism" (When someone eats their own kind) (video).(Fluency) Other people say "lots of them were captured to be slaves while the others died of diseases."

Top three Mysteries

  • Whats with the heads?
  • How did they move the heads?
  • What happened to the people?


Shown in the picture the above are a couple heads from Easter Island.