April 11, 2016

In this edition, you will find:

  • Reminders for End of Year
  • Changes to READ Law for Next Year
  • PALS Spring Window Testing
  • Tableau Reading Level Reports Now Available
  • Important Links to Resources for Teaching Partners and Teachers

Finalize All READ Plans

Just a reminder to make sure ALL plans are finalized in Enrich as soon as possible. If a teacher is still trying to contact the parent, finalize the plan after three attempts have been made and document all attempts in the comments section of the plan.

Plans are not active until they are finalized. Progress monitoring data should be entered to document growth from now until the end of the year.

Parent Signatures and READ Plans

You can file signed READ Plans in a students CUM file. It is important to have the copy of the READ Plan in the CUM in case a student moves and attends a school outside of APS.

READ Act Law Updates for 2016-17

At its March 9, 2016 meeting, the State Board of Education adopted new READ Act rules for implementation of the Colorado READ Act. The current board rules reflect changes prompted by the passage of House Bill 15-1323 in terms of READ testing timelines, assessment of kindergarten students and determination of grade level proficiency.

  • The interim screener must now be administered within 30 calendar days, not instructional days, after the first day of the school year. Also, if a student falls below the cut score one time, the teacher should complete diagnostic testing within the next window of time (TBD) and a READ Plan will be initiated.
  • The screener must be administered during the fall testing window AND again during the Spring testing window. We will be required to report this data to CDE as part of their READ Data Collection.
  • Kindergarten will have between 60-90 days to administer the screener. We will provide a recommended timeline soon.
  • READ Plans will need to be created sooner in the school year for all students and will be the active intervention plan for the student.

  • We will be provide an updated timeline, flowcharts and other resources to support this implementation soon. The READ Team will update and share the Key Assessment Chart before the end of this year.

Please let us know what questions you have.

PALS Spring Testing Window is Open!!

Who must be tested:

  • ALL Students on a READ Plan.
  • Students who were below the cut score at any point during the year. If a student was below the cut score in the fall, but above the cut score during the Mid-Year Window, they still need to be re-tested in the Spring on Form B to continue the progress monitoring.

PALS Kinder and PALS Plus support the collection of data connected to critical early literacy skills. All students were assessed in the Fall, and teachers and/or schools are encouraged to consider administering the Spelling and Words in Isolation Tasks on Form B to all students in the Spring. Testing ALL students is NOT required this year and is a teacher and/or school decision. However, This data collection can serve to highlight the instruction teachers have provided to students over the course of the year as part of the body of evidence to document growth over time.

PALS will determine an accurate end of year spelling stage for all students to support next year's teacher in planning for whole and small group differentiated word study instruction at the beginning of the year.

As we've worked to support schools with PALS as an interim screener, many K-3 teachers have found this data to be extremely supportive when planning for differentiated instruction. For Kinder teachers, all the of the tasks in PALS are aligned to GOLD objectives and can serve as evidence to enter into TS Gold for documentation.

Window: For Kinder and PALS Plus, the window opens on March 28th and closes May 13th. Please view the Kindergarten READ Timeline and share with all Kindergarten teachers.

New Reading Data Reports are now Available!

Tableau now contains a dashboard, Summary of Literacy Assessments, which includes an overview of student performance on BAS assessments this year. It contains much of the information many of you have requested in report form and can be filtered by grade and classroom teacher. Help sheets and training videos for using Tableau and this dashboard can be found at


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  • Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS)
  • Accountability & Research
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  • English Language Acquisition

For support, please contact:
  • Lori Stack, Data Coordinator
  • Shelli Deaguero, Elementary Literacy Instructional Coordinator
  • Your MTSS Partner or ELA Consultant