An interview with Mrs. Ivey

By Knyla Johnson

Elizabeth Ivey currently teaches at Elgin High School. Although each year the classes she teaches changes, the main classes she teaches are English 1 Pre-AP, English 1, English 2 Pre-AP, and English 2. Mrs. Ivey has been teaching at Elgin High School for ten years, but before that,she taught at Elgin Middle School for seven years.

Elizabeth Ivey attended college at the University of Austin, after a few years there, she transferred to Texas State Unversity. While at Texas State University, Mrs. Ivey received a B.A. In English and History. Half way through college was when Mrs. Ivey decided she wanted to become an English teacher.

When I went to observe Mrs. Ivey n her classroom, I noticed that right when the students walk into her class, the warm-up or instructions on what they need to do for that day is written on the overhead. The students walk in, grab their notebooks from the shelf in the back of the classroom, and begin. Her classroom is very quiet and peaceful. The perfect environment to focus on writing. Mrs. Ivey has her classroom decorated with posters that have quotes or famous people from history on her walls.

After about 10 minutes of warm-up time, Mrs. Ivey starts with her lesson plan. First, she passes out the handout that the students will be using for that day. Then, she reads everything on the page slow enough so that everybody understands what she just read. If she gets to an important part of the text, she will highlight it and emphasize the words when while she is reading it. At the end, she asks if anybody has any questions then says, "Good, now everybody re-write the 2nd paragraph so that your brain can retain it better." If a student starts to lose focus or start talking, Mrs. Ivey will quietly say to the student, " Shh, please stop talking."

Classes Taught

  • English 1, English 1 pre-AP, English 2, English 2 pre-AP.

Teaching Strategies

  • Teaches slowly, highlights notes, asks questions, reads instructions.

Hours per Week

  • 70 hours per week.

Biggest Challenge

  • Grading and managing time.

Biggest Reward

  • Students coming back to say hi and saying thank you.

Self-motivation Needed

  • On a scale of 1-10, a 10 is needed.

Life outside of School

  • Hang out with friends and play music.

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Elizabeth Ivey is also in charge of the National Honor Society at the Elgin High School. She organizes all of the community service opportunities, banquets, induction ceremonies, and events around the school. A few events around school that Mrs. Ivey has done is the blood drive, canned food drive, campus clean up, and teacher appreciation breakfast.

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