Student Services Team

September 2015

Since not everyone gets the pleasure of walking around to each classroom, witnessing the innovative, awesome things going on in FPSD 91 ..... we wanted to share as much as we can! Check it out and make sure to remember our goal this year of #gettinguncomfortable and trying new things!


Donors Choose Projects Fundraiser

Stacie Pelletier's classroom has been FULLY FUNDED for her Autism VIsual/Manipulatives Needs, Grocery Shopping/Pretend Play Materials, and Gardening and Handyman Tools to name a few! She has also received money last year to fund their weekly field trips such as Ice Skating, the Fire Department, Museum of Science and Industry to name a few that go along with their Unit Themes. Keep up the hard work, Stacie! Check it out below!

Parent Panel for our Early Childhood Parent Group

Friday, Oct. 2nd, 8:15am

Garfield Conference Room

We host monthly parent groups for parents that have a child that recently qualifies for special education services. Lots of great information given out!


More Info to come!

Our wonderful speech therapist (Lina Lendraitis) and our lovely OT team (Nelly Saucedo & Noreen McNulty) are working on purchasing and setting up (with the help of the students of course!) a Functional Life Skills room to work on cooking, cleaning, laundry, and other household chores that will be housed at Field Stevenson. Can't wait to add more pictures in this area! (The kids were very excited to go shopping...only to find out it was for mops, laundry detergent, and cleaning supplies...oops!)

(Photo cred: Nelly Saucedo)

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6th Grade Fun!

Mr. Rey's 6th Grade class worked on their sewing/fine motor skills with Ms. Smith's creativity! They had a blast! Smiles are contagious in that classroom this year!

(Photo cred: John Rey)

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Preschool "Tree Journals"

Check out the tree journals helping students to make connections in science using weather and seasons in Mrs. Catezone's classroom!

(Photo cred: Jane Catezone)

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Ms. Costenero's Classroom having fun at Betsy!

Check out some of our first graders making applesauce for their apple unit and then completing some math puzzles with manipulatives!

(Photo cred: Anne Sorkin)

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Who says practicing your name isn't fun?!

Check what some of our Garfield students are doing to work on grasping skills & names!

(Photo cred: Noreen McNulty)
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Math with Playdoh!

Ms. Skinner's class is hard at work using play-doh to help with counting! (It looks like Ms. Reid is also hard at work!) Great job! :)
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Monday, Sep. 28th, 8am

Springfield, IL, United States

Springfield, IL

CONGRATS to Stacie Pelletier, Julia Smrt, and Jane Catezone for presenting at the Sharing a Vision conference in Springfield this Tuesday on "Showcasing Family Involvement" as well as having a booth to share information with other districts! Thanks to you all for sharing your expertise & for your hard work!!


*Some of the above students may be on the "no photo list" that states District 91 does not have permission to use photos, videos, recordings or video tapes in school related activities for publication, documentaries, special events covered by the news media.* Therefore, please do not share outside of our staff for any reason. Thanks!