Computer and Information Research

Vincent Liu 1A

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Personal Style Inventory

  • Good at solving problems.
  • Like working with real world problems.
  • Like dealing with facts, figures, and numbers.
  • Likes routine and order.
  • Logical and thoughtful.
  • Curious and enjoy inspecting things.

Career Family History

Family Career History
  • Hospitality
  • Construction
  • Farming

Their careers affect my Choices?

Their careers will not affect my choices because I am choosing completely different choices. My families career choices are all because of their lack of education and money.

    Personal and Career Mission Statements

    My personal mission is to treat others depending on the way they act. If they act poorly I will treat them horribly.

    My career mission is to get a job in the computer science field in order to develop new technology.

    My Career: Computer and Information Research Scientist

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    What are Computer and Information Research Scientists?

    Computer and information research scientists...
    1. Invent and design new technology
    2. Find new uses for existing technology
    3. Study and solve complex problems for business, science, medicine, etc.

    Daily Life

    1. Explore fundamental issues in computation and develop theories and models for those issues
    2. Help scientists and engineers solve complex computing problems.
    3. Invent new computing language,tools, and methods to improve the way people work with computers.
    4. Analyze the results of their experiment.
    5. Publish their findings in academic journals.

    Work Environment

    • They work in comfortable offices sitting in front of computer terminals
    • There are no major dangers or hazards of being a computer and information research scientist
    • Usually works 40 hours a week
    Industries that employ computer and information research scientists:
    • Federal government
    • Computer systems design and related services
    • Scientific research and development services
    • Educational services; state, local, and private
    • Software publishers

    How To Become a Computer and Information Research Scientist

    • A masters degree or PhD in computer science or a related field is required
    • Usually takes 9 years in college
    • This job does not require you to keep learning new skills
    • The person should take many computer related courses in high school
    • No internship/apprenticeship required
    • Does not require any special license
    • Does not require passing a test
    Personal Qualities or Skills
    • Advanced math skills
    • Analytical skills
    • Communication skills
    • Critical thinking skills
    • Detail oriented
    • Ingenuity
    • Logical Thinking
    • My interests and hobbies do not come into play


    • Typical starting wage is less than$57,630
    • The median annual wage is $100,660
    • The top 10% earns more than $153,120
    • Scientific research and development services pay best

    Job Outlook

    • This career is expected to grow by 19% in ten years
    • This career is growing at an average rate


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