Marine Biome

Largest biome on Earth

General Info

*Covers 3/4 of the Earth

*Includes the 5 main oceans (Indian, Atlantic, Pacific, Arctic, Southern)

*Contains over 1 million plant species; scientists say about 9 million species not yet discovered


*Most marine mammals have blubber to survive the cold temperatures

*Home to largest animal on Earth

*Other organisms calling the marine biome are mollusks, fish, whales, and crustaceans

Some Pictures

Ocean Zones

1st Zone: Euphotic Zone, lets in large amounts of light

2nd Zone: Disphotic Zone, lets in some light and is deeper than the Euphotic Zone but does not contain the deep sea

3rd Zone: Abyssal Zone, deep sea, lets in no light and is the coldest of the 3 zones

Other Facts

*Deepest point: Mariana Trench (deeper than Mt. Everest is tall)

*Deep sea home to 80% of Earth's ecosystems

*Average temp. of oceans is 39 degrees farenheight