By: Katelyn Rapp and Bailey Shelton

Geography and Climate

  • Climate- large portion: long and severe winters and light precipitation, and cool summer

  • European part of Russia: short mild summers, winters- long and cold and precip. Is moderate.

  • Northern Arctic regions: summers-short and chilly, winters are long and bitterly cold

  • Only can grow hardy foods in suitable soil and most places are too cold to live

  • Largest country in world

  • Terrain- vast lowland or mountains

Crops and Livestock

  • Major grain crop- wheat

  • Followed by rye, barley, oats, and corn.

  • Other important crops- sugar beet, sunflower seeds, and flax

  • Hardy fruits and veggies- cabbage, potatoes, apples (grow where climate is suitable)

  • Pig production is increasing/ cow production is decreasing

  • Beef consumption decreases and pork consumption increases

Culture and Typical Foods

  • Hearty and filling and nutritious


  • Veggies in soups and side dishes

  • Liberal use of meat and dairy

  • Balance nutrients with some fats

  • Smoked and pickled foods are limited

  • Peasant's- bread(dark), Kasha(made from buckwheat), and SOUP
  • Russia has been ind. For only a short period of time

  • Been ruled by imperial govt for years

  • Early 20th century- Russia became part of U.S.S.R (communist dictatorship)

  • 1991- communist govt. Dissolved

  • Russia broke into 15 ind countries- Russia was one of them

  • The old ways of the peasants and czars affect the food- the rich ate fancy food- the poor ate what they could grow and traditions passed down
  • Russian cuisine today-

  • zazuska(fish as an appatizer)

  • CAVIER- salted roe(eggs) of large fish

  • Schi- cabbage soup

  • Borscht- beet soup

  • Beef stroganov- beef, mushroom, and seasoned sour cream

  • Paskha- rich cheesecake

  • Kulich- cylindrical yeast cake filled with fruits and nuts

Holidays and Traditions

  • Linked to russian orthodox church

  • Fall of communist= church reopen

  • 2 winter holidays

  • New Year= best holiday- receive candy gifts from Grandfather Frost and the Snow Maiden who arrive in a horse drawn sled

  • Borscht, beef stroganov, pickled tomato, and salad

  • Festival of Winter-- period of several weeks during which parks are decorated with lights and Christmas trees-people walk by and enjoy bilinis-pancakes made from buckwheat flour(round shape symbolizes the sun coming up for spring) and tea

Russian Cuisine and Characteristic Dishes

  • BEEF STROGANOV- tender strips of beef, mushrooms and seasoned sour cream

  • CHAKHOKHBILI- stewed chicken with tomato sauce, onions, vinegar, wine, peppers, and olives

  • KURNIK- chicken and rice pie

  • KOTMIS SATSIVI- roasted chicken with walnut sauce

  • KOLTLETY-pounded chicken breasts wrapped around pieces of sweet butter

  • other popular meal items include: paskha, kulich, borscht, chernyi hleb, tvorog, and Tchai

  • BORSCHT RECIPE- beet soup

    • 2 pounds beef brisket

    • 8 medium beets

    • 4 medium onions

    • 2 medium tomatoes

    • 2 tbs sugar

    • 2 tbs lemon juice

    • 1.5tsp salt

    • ⅛ tsp pepper

    • ½ pound white cabbage


    • Fill large dutch oven with water. Add brisket, beets, onions, tomatoes; simmer until meat is tender, about 1.5 hours

    • Remove meat. Add sugar, lemon juice, salt, and pepper to stock. Stir until sugar is dissolved.

    • Add cabbage and simmer an additional 25 minutes

    • Skim fat

    • Shred meat and add to soup

    • Pour soup into large tureen and serve immediately with dollaps of sour cream.
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