Talon Talk

Volume 5 Issue 4

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January Talon Talk

🔷 Counselor’s Corner 🔷

Holden Middle School is a busy place this time of year. Staff has started holding “breakfast clubs” to help students make connections at school, get to know others better, and build and improve various social skills. Groups began meeting this week from 7:45-8 a.m. for a quick check in and sharing/conversation time.

December’s positive character trait was Gratitude. Mr. Conner and Ms. Hanneken gave a lesson to each grade level about what gratitude is, how to practice it and develop a grateful mindset, and the benefits of gratitude. Did you know that science and research shows adopting an attitude of gratitude improves both physical and psychological health, increases empathy for others and lowers feelings of aggression? This in turn helps people sleep better and improve their relationships. Gratitude increases self-esteem and mental resilience when faced with difficult life experiences. So many benefits for a simple shift in our attitudes!

Students were encouraged to practice gratitude by keeping a gratitude journal, making lists of great things that happened to them each day, people who are positive influences in their lives, and posting positive quotes to remind them to be mindful of the good things in their lives despite things that are difficult and challenge them. Gratitude is a conscious choice and like others skills, needs to be practiced for it to become natural.

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🦅 Soar Update 🦅

We continue to see success with our Soar program, which helps identify strengths and weaknesses in Math and Reading and gives the students the opportunity to work on these skills every day. This month we are working on Reading, with a focus in Vocabulary. Students practice concepts at their level with a teacher who chooses lessons that are designed to help them grow. Next month we will switch to Math.

Students took our second diagnostic test before Christmas break. Teachers worked with students to set goals for where they'd like to score on their tests. If parents would like to see their students' results, please email Mrs. Fennewald at afennewald@holdenschools.org and she will get them to you. Many students saw tremendous growth in their results and we are proud of all our students for their hard work!