ICT News

Greater Kengal Network of Small Schools

Issue 12 26th January 2014

The Greater Kengal ICT News will be published each fortnight. Please send contributions to gayle.pinn@det.nsw.edu.au by 10th February. The flyer will also be uploaded to the Greater Kengal wiki.

Contributions can include recommendations for apps, webtools, websites, Notebook ideas and tricks, student work samples etc.

How to get the iPad to display on the IWB

Authentic Inquiry Maths

An excellent site full of real life maths activities


Fake social media

Have the students make fake SMS, Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest as reading activities.



Interactive photos- similar to Thinglink


This site has an abundance of detailed lessons. it is excellent.

Highlands School- Behaviour Focus Website

An extensive amount of information about Behaviour, Mental Health and Disabilities. Proforma risk assessments and individual plans


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Teachers' Education Review

Educational podcasts made by NSW teachers- all current and relevant.

You can subscribe to the podcasts in iTunes.


Make movies using PowerPoint and KeyNote

You can now save any PowerPoint and Keynote files as movies and embed into a webpage.