Accepting Responsibility

by Schoulte and Liam

Don't Blame others; Solve the Problem

  • People that aren't responsible tend to have poort human relations.
  • These type of people try to blame others for their irresponsibility.
  • People annoy their coworkers when they are irresponsible.
  • Blaming doesn't solve anything.
  • Consult your coworkers or supervisor if you have a problem.

Examples of Horrible Excuses

  • No I didn't finish the report. People Kept interrupting me.
  • I didn't do the job right because you didn't explain it clearly.
  • I would have done it better if you had let me do it my way.
  • I don't know what happened to it. It's just gone.

Know yourself

  • Accepting responsibility requires knowing yourself.
  • Assess your own strength and weaknesses
  • This doesn't mean accepting all the blame and confess to everyone.
  • Make adjustments to meet your goals.
  • If you cannot make changes adjust your life.

Admit Mistakes and Correct Them

  • Accepting Responsibility is closely related to the ability to admitting mistakes.
  • It's easy to take responsibility when everything goes well.
  • People with good human relations accept responsibility when things go wrong.
  • Always follow through to fix your mistake, don't just point it out.
  • Accepting is only the first step. Now you need to take action as well.