Mr Mason Believes......

The Apostle and Nicene Creed

Who is Mr Mason?

Mr Mason is the assistant principal for Jubilee Primary School. He is 55 years old with a family of four children and two grandchildren. Mr Mason is a Catholic and goes to Church each Sunday and revises the Creeds.

The Language of the Creeds

Both Creeds impact Mr Masons everyday life as they are belief statements. They are about his faith and he tries to live up to those expectations each day. The most powerful statements in the Creeds for him are I/We believe and for us/for our sake. The creeds are important to Mr Mason as they provide a clear and common message to Christians.

Timeless Words to Live By

The Creeds have lasted so long in his opinion because they are timeless belief statements. Other things in the world may change but no matter your beliefs will never change.

Mr Mason said, " The Creeds really give me a sense of purpose and direction, they ground me and surround me. They conduct me through my faith, they summarise me as a Christian completely."

Being Apart of a Bigger Thing

The Creeds according to Mr Mason are belief statements and it's apart of our human nature to believe in something whether it's right, wrong or different. If we don't believe or follow something, then we are lost as people. The Creeds are there to connect us as a Church Community, things can connect with us even through mottos, mission statements and team songs.

"The Creeds can benefit other people by giving them a clear message, and giving you the sense that you are bonded, that you are apart of something bigger than yourself. Apart of something that gives you a sense of direction and purpose." Mr Mason commented.

What do they mean to me?

Both Creeds mean a whole lot to me in many different ways. The Apostles Creed gives me a sense of my belief and what I believe in. It shows me my faith and the story of Jesus Christ. The Nicene Creed gives me a more in depth answer to how Jesus' life really went on. It affect's me more because it says I believe, We believe and it's true since we are all united in the Church Community.