My MT. Rushmore

MT. Rushmore

Mount Rushmore was designed by Gutzon Borglum. He chose four faces of presidents to be carved in the mountain. Their names are George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt , and Abraham Lincoln. He finished in 1941. If I had designed Mount Rushmore I would put the faces of the following people into the granite:my dad, Samuel W., my cousin Bladen, and my mom.

First Person

The first person I would put on my MT. Rushmore is my dad, Jansen. The first reason is that he makes spicey ,but amazing, chili. He puts the chili 9000 spice in it and it has a pretty good kick to it! The second reason is he makes amazing burritos! He puts lime rice, bean, and sour cream in them.

Second Person

My friend, Sam, would go on my Mt. Rushmore second and these are two reasons.

First of all he’s weird and pretty funny. He makes really weird sounds sometimes. He’s also really nice. The second reason would be he invites me to a lot of NERF gun wars.

Third Person

Next I'd put my cousin Bladen, on my MT. Rushmore. He's weird because say's his

dog is sweet. The reason why I know is because I go to his house a lot. Another reason is

that he loves Battlefront for PlayStation 2 . When he comes over to my house he always asks if we can play that game. I also like it.

Forth Person

Finally, I’d put my mom, Amy, on my Mt. Rushmore. The first reason would be she

makes really, really good stew. It has beef, potatoes, and carrots in it . Another reason would be

she makes amazing fajitas! She puts red, yellow, and green peppers, steak, and cheese in them YUM!!


To wrap things up, the people that I put on my Mt. Rushmore are : my dad, my

friend, my cousin, and my mom. If you don't think you should go to the real deal.