Childs pull toy

By: Jordan Josselson


1. has wheels

2. has a string to pull it.

3. Is like able by kids.


1. One or no components are missing; the content and organization are clearly evident.

2. A logical, organized, clear and concise product description is provided and is creative.

3. Substantial and organized materials document the design effort and clearly portray the design process of the product from conception to completion.

4. The drawings include detail and it is clear what the product does.

5. Each step of the design process is thoroughly outlined.


Most child's pull toys are around $20.00 online.


Must be durable

2. must not exceed 15'' deep x24'' high.

The product must not require external AC power.

Design statement

You must build a childs pull toy. To help create the toy, you must use the Autodesk inventor or google sketch up.



Each step of the design process is thoroughly outlined.


Hold string and pull
Big image


It could be bigger and have better wheels so it move faster.

Pugh Chart


correct size 5 5 5

colorful 4 3 3

durable 5 5 4

no AC power 4 2 2

simple 5 5 5

total 23 20 19