mLearning Apps for Education

Five Apps for a Grade 5 Classroom

The following applications are suited for Apple products.

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1. Evernote.

Evernote would be a good start for students to have in the beginning of the year so they can keep all their information in an organized manner. Evernote would replace the old daytimers and it can have a to do list, record voice notes and reminders, save ideas and notes and even photos!

2. Bookcreator for IPad

This book creator would be wonderful for language arts or even art class! It can make picture books, photo books, art books and cookbooks!

3. iMovie

iMovie is an awesome app that you can use to create your own homemade movies and still make them look like they are not. You can create your own movies from your own pics and style them anyway you want.

4. Comiclife

This app creates digital comics and it would inspire students to get creative in art or a novel study in language arts. I would recommend this app as a classroom app for inspiration and artwork.

5. Discovery Channel HD

Finally, this is one app that every teacher should have in any classroom from k-12 as it will bring the wonders of this world at your fingertips.