Natural athlete since 2000

My background

When I was very young around the age of three, my brother was playing soccer and wanted me to try. He started really young and we would always play "kick" in the backyard. My mom put me in it because I wanted to be just like my big brother. Then when I was in the sixth or seventh grade just for fun I wanted to try to go over a hurdle, which I did and I found that pretty enjoyable. The next day was race day and I signed up to run in the hurdles and ended up getting first place. What I like about both of these is I get to be physically active, and I'm crazy about what being in shape and fit. I also like the feeling of accomplishment when I win; on a team, or by myself. I lettered in track for my freshmen year, and have gotten first in 'city' in junior high as well. Through these sports I also have met some really inspiring coaches and college athletes that have pushed me to become better and want it for myself.

My inspiration: Sally Pearson

The person I look up to the most in my hurdles, is Sally Pearson. She's a Austrilian gold medalist hurdler. Not only is she a gold medalist, but she also broke the record time in the hurdles. When she was going into a race that was leading up to the world championships, her calf cramped, and she ended up hitting the track pretty hard and breaking her arm/ wrist. She had to have two separate surgerys on it. The thing that I respect the most and inspires me, is that she had to sit and watch her race in the world championships; where she was supposed to be racing. Through all of this, Sally didn't quit. She got back on the track as soon as she could and trained harder than ever. Me hearing/ seeing all of this makes me think how if you truly love your sport nothing can stop you from that, and there's nothing that will stop you from wanting to do it and have fun doing it every chance you get.

Guaranteed to be physically fit and athletic every day!


What's something I can major in that will connect with my interests, but also give me more job options?

Would it be realistic to think being an athlete as a job is a possibility?

Upcoming steps

I think my next steps will be to do some more research and play around with my foundation and interests, and just see what other options I have. I also want to see if I can discover more interests I have.