Jackson Summer Olympics

Summer Fit Groups | Kickoff During Family Fun Day!

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Jackson Summer Olympics Kickoff At Family Fun Day!

In the spirit of this Olympic year, and the competitive spirit of our culture at Jackson, we are hosting our own Jackson Summer Olympic Games!

Our Summer Olympic games will consist of 8 weeks of training (June 6-July 29) with the competitions held on week 9. We will have various styles of contests focused on fun, interaction and healthy competition! You will be provided an 8 week training plan with every contest you and your team decide to participate in! This is a great way to get connected with co-workers, burn calories and build synergy!

Get your entire team at work involved! Who will win the Gold? We will have two categories of winners:

  1. The Individual Category
  2. The Team Category

We will kick things off with fun competitions during Family Fun Day!

Get Ready & Get Your Team Ready to Compete In These Contests During Jackson Family Fun Day on June 3rd!

Strength Contests:

  • Plank Off
  • Tug Of War
  • Kettlebell Swings
  • Pushups
  • Medicine Ball Slams
  • Drop It Like A Squat
  • Thruster Challenge
  • And More!

Cardio Contests:

  • Agility Relay
  • Sprint Relay
  • 50 Yard Dash
  • Partner Passes
  • Side Hurdle Hops
  • And More!

Active Fun for Everyone:

  • Badminton
  • Cornhole
  • Water balloon toss
  • Hula hoop contest
  • And more!

Jackson Summer Olympics & Fit Group Challenges!

Get ready to go for the gold as we host various sporting competitions. All the summer Olympic contests listed below will be consider a "Fit Group". A Fit Group is simply an interest-based group challenge in which anyone can compete in. The idea behind F.I.T. groups (Fun Interactive Training) is simply for you to find your fit through what you are interested in. Fitness should be fun! (Yes, we actually believe that). Be it climbing stairs to beat your co-worker in a workweek hustle, running in a group with a common goal in mind, dancing calories away with Zumba, becoming a master of yoga, hiking a trail, sharing clean eating recipes, tracking each other's transformation, attending a motivation class, or meeting in Ciao for your healthy lunch, you can find your FIT!

Our summer semester of FIT Groups will be in the form of the Jackson Summer Olympics! We have training plans for the contest of your choosing, consisting of 8 week training plans. Week 9 will be the week of the contests to see who will win the Bronze, Silver and Gold. We will have several categories to chose from:

Win Either Bronze, Silver or Gold in These Summer Events:

  • # of Steps
  • Rowing Champs

  • Jackson Ninja Warrior

  • Weight Lifting Event

  • Relay Races
  • Hiking Trails & Trail Challenge
  • Various Track & Field Contests
  • Masters of Yoga
  • Nutrition Challenge
  • Sleeping Challenge
  • Check-up Challenge
  • Triathlon Challenge
  • And more!

More Details to Follow! We Wanted to Go Ahead & Give You A Call to Action!

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