Longhorn Stampede

(For 8/31/20 -8/4/20) Learn. Empower. Accept. Develop.

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Remote Learners/Traditional Learners

Parents, thank you for quickly completing the survey and selecting your child's learning preference. The elementary principals across the district have collaborated to create self-contained remote homerooms. This will allow our teachers to focus their time on their traditional or remote learners without trying to complete both jobs at once. Your child's homeroom teacher may change due to the process of creating/dissolving classes. Ms. Lout or Mrs. Smith will be in touch with you on Monday or Tuesday if your child will be affected.
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THIS WEEK: Medication Drop Off for Sept 8 learners. Parents, please come to the school to meet Mrs. Lemke with prescription medication, if applicable. Check in at the front desk to answer the Covid-19 screening questions, and Mrs. Lemke will come out to meet you.

Thursday, 9/3 - Optional Supply Drop Off Students are welcome to bring supplies with them beginning September 8 if that is more convenient. (1st grade: 9-10 at car rider line to drop off/see teachers; 1st-5th grades 10-2, leave on sidewalk by gym. We will deliver for your child.)

Monday, 9/8 - Welcome Back, Grades 1-5!

75 cars only: Grades 1-5 Sign Up for WALK UP DISMISSAL

For children/carpool groups that will be Walk Up Dismissal EVERY DAY, we will accept the first 75 responses. Walk Up parents will PARK & WAIT at THE CHURCH next door. Wait at the edge of the sidewalk, but please socially distance & DO NOT bunch up.

Morning Arrival and Afternoon Dismissal (PK-5th)

Parents, until further notice, please help us with social distancing by following these guidelines:


1. Car riders should stay in the car until greeted by staff. Please do not park and walk your child to the sidewalk.

2. Parents are not allowed to walk their children into the front door foyer at this time. Students should exit the car in the car rider line.

3. If your child is tardy, please park and walk them to the front door. You will be allowed to come into the foyer entrance, and Mrs. Davis will check them in.


1. Dismissal begins at 3:40 pm. Please make any changes to your child's transportation by 2:30 pm.

2. If you are picking your child up before 3:00 for an appointment, please come into the front office to confirm with Mrs. Davis, then wait in the front door foyer until your child appears. Your child will exit through the front office doors to you after Mrs. Davis releases them.


4. Our staff will not be buckling your children or placing them into a car seat. If you will need to buckle seat belts, car seat clips, change seats, etc., please stay in the line and then park to do so. Parents, do not get out of the car while in the car rider line. Children will enter your car via the rear-passenger door. If this presents a problem, please consider rearrangement of car seats/ booster seats before school starts. Out of concern for student and staff safety, we DO NOT want children walking around the car to enter through the driver's side rear door.

If you come to our school, and there are more than 4 people waiting in our front entry foyer, please wait outside.

**Item Delivery: If you need to drop off an item for your child, we have a table in the front entry foyer. Place their name on a provided sticky note and leave it on the table. We will take care of this for you.

Montgomery Moving Forward

Click for specific information about Montgomery ISD's plan to safely bring our students back to school.

Visitors and Delivery

  • We look forward to having volunteers, Watch DOGS, and guests at our campus again soon, but at this time, we are not allowed to have extra people in our campus, classrooms, etc.
  • We will always have staff on duty to assist your children to the classrooms. Parents are not allowed to walk their children to class, but we love helping them!
  • Parents and guests are not allowed to eat lunch with their children until further notice.
  • If you have a scheduled meeting at our school, please self-screen before arriving, check in at the front desk to answer Covid-19 questions, and complete the visitor attestation form with Mrs. Davis. You will be required to wear a mask.
  • If you come to our school, and there are more than 4 people waiting in our front entry foyer, please wait outside.

  • Item Delivery: If you need to drop off an item for your child, we have a table in the front entry foyer. Place their name on a provided sticky note and leave it on the table. We will take care of this for you.

We appreciate everyone's cooperation and support as we navigate through the changing requirements. We will continue to follow the Governor's orders, and as any changes impact the procedures of our campus, we will let you know.

Nurse Notes

Dear Lone Star Families,

Looking forward to our 1st-5th Longhorns returning in a little over a week! 2020-21 school year will be a memorable one for sure! Student can pick out some unique and personalized cloth face coverings. Who knew that fabric masks would be the newest accessory item on back to school check off list? I have seen bedazzled, fav sports team, camo, and superhero face coverings. Please help your child pick out a few favorites and practice wearing them. I suggest 5 different masks for each student so they can be washed after wearing at school all day. We encourage all students to wear them at school. This will decrease risk of exposure and possible 14 day quarantine. Exposure is defined as close contact with secretions(cough or sneeze of infected person) or > 15 minutes cumulative with anyone testing positive for COVID. Staff and students wearing face coverings will play a factor with Montgomery County Health Department recommendations of classroom quarantine or not. Please see www.misd.org Montgomery Moving Forward-COVID Health Response on left of home page for more details.

Please contact me if you need help with obtaining masks or any school supplies for your kids.

Please check out my webpage for more info on face coverings and lots of other info from The American Academy of Pediatrics

also, a fun informative link made by our Aggie friends on handwashing and masks


Monica Lemke, R.N.

LSE School Nurse