January Newsletter

New Milford Youth Agency

NMYS Directors message-JASON O'CONNOR, LMSW

"As we finish the first month of 2021, we must continue to keep our positive outlook and perspective alive! Yes, we are still in the middle of a pandemic, but we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel with the vaccination rollout. The Youth Agency is still here to work with our community students in many different ways. We have teen girls and LGBTQIA+ groups for peer support and fun. There are volunteer service and leadership opportunities as well as fun group recreational activities to promote friendships and social health. And for parents, we offer support groups and workshops on current trends and priorities as well as childcare for before and after school and full-day needs.

As always, I like to promote emotional wellness, and this month I want to focus on Resilience! Take a look at this cool chart provided by the National Institutes of Health to help you develop a more positive mindset and to remember that mistakes and bad things do happen and it's okay....the important part is how we pick ourselves back up and come back stronger than before that matters!"

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Things are going well with Child Care. The kids have taken to distance learning and are very resilient in learning in this new way. The Youth Agency Child Care program has begun to add the Wingman program into our weekly routine. Wingman is a peer to peer mentoring program that includes group activities aimed at increasing socialization. The kids and staff have had a blast with it so far!


About our JRB:

The Juvenile Review Board is made up of community members who care about youth. When a member of the youth is involved in an illegal act, they can be referred to the JRB to put together a "contract" that addresses the youth's offense and needs and any victims. The contract is meant to support our youth in making better decisions and reaching their goals in healthy and productive ways. This is called "restorative justice."

We are thankful to our JRB members for their on-going support and professionalism.


Parenting Tips for Anxious Kids #3:

Helping your child handle their feelings -

It is okay to let your child experience some anxiety. Your child needs to know that anxiety is not dangerous but something your child can cope with. You can let your child know all feelings are okay, and it is alright to say what you feel. Anxious children sometimes have difficulty expressing strong emotions like sadness or anger because they are afraid people will be angry with them. It is ok to take time for yourself even if your child wants to be with you at all times. You are modeling for your child that everyone needs some time to themselves.