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Lincoln Town Car Stretch Limousine Best Town Car Service

The compound word “Lincoln Town Car” is derived from the name of the president of America, Abraham Lincoln and the French word “De Ville,” meaning town. The Lincoln Motor Company, which was established in 1915, has been manufacturing Lincoln Town Cars from 1981 up to now.

The company has remarkable history, from 1915 to 1918, it manufactured liberty engine for fighter planes; from 1918 to 1981, it manufactured Lincoln Cars; and from 1981, it started manufacturing Lincoln Town Cars. Between 1981 and 2011, the company manufactured three generations of Lincoln Town Cars.

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On April 31, 1949; there was transition from the Lincoln Town Car to Lincoln Division of Ford Company.Today, the manufacture's suggested retail price of the third generation Lincoln Town Car (Sedan) is around US $ 48,000. This car is further used in producing Lincoln Town Car Stretch Limousine by the coach builder.

The coach builder extends the chassis of Lincoln Town Car, uses steel and installs the amenities such as divider, plush leather seat, bars, ice chest cooler, chauffeur intercom, neon lit bar, fiber optic lightning, cocktail glasses, TV, CD/DVD player, fiber optic lightning, etc. The seating capacity of Lincoln Town Car Stretch Limousine is 10. In this limousine there are room to party and amenities to meet the requirements of party goers.

If you want to ride the limousine, hire it from the company that has solid reputation. The limousine rental company will find its maintenance cost within the budget. The limousine has steel body and has rear and front suspension. As a result, you can ride comfortably even on the rough terrain.

The limousine, along with chrome wheels, has V8 engine, designed for racing car. Since it is available in two colors, black or white, it is fit or prom, wedding and night-out-on-the-town, plus it is smooth, controlled and elegant. It is said that Lincoln Town Car Stretch Limousine is the only limousine which is immensely popular in the U.S. and Canada.

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