World Trade Center Reborn

Casey Urbanek

The New Tower

When completed, 1 World Trade Center will be the tallest building in the United States at a height of 1,776 feet which symbolizes the year that of the United States' independence. The top of the new building will be a 408 foot antenna. At 1,368 feet, a glass enclosure will be at the height of the previous 1 World Trade Center, and there will be an observation deck at 1,362 feet- the height of the previous 2 World Trade Center. The new building will take up 2.6 million square feet and cost $3.6 billion.

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1 World Trade Center will consist of 104 floors. 68 floors will hold offices, one floor will be a sky lobby, two floors will be for public space, 13 floors will be for mechanical, and 19 floors will act as the base for the new tower.

The Details

The concrete used for 1 World Trade Center is stronger than ever and can support more than New York skyscrapers, and more than 45,000 tons of structural steel is being used. There will be 71 elevators in the new building, making getting to the top a 45 second trip.