1941 Willys Jeep

The birth of the off roader

Things to know before you start

The Willys Jeep is the backbone of the modern off-roader with a goal setting 4wd System and cheap running costs. Vehicles need to be tough for war and the jeep was no exception.

Why Jeeps?

The Willys jeep was a very capable off roader that still might be better than most cars you see every day. With a 60 hp "go devil" engine it is not fast but it has 4wd. The Jeep was made specifically for war with attachments to haul large guns, utility trailers, and medical supplies. The company of Willys was founded by John Willys and begun in 1912. Willys didn't just make jeeps you know they made luxurious sedans, convertibles, and long distance touring cars.

Some pictures of Jeeps over 70 years

"Go over, Go under, Go around or go through, but never give up" #JeepLife

Wait peeps don't go yet I have some fun facts!

1. There are 7 models of jeeps you can buy and over 100 in total from 1941

2. Some famous people who drive jeeps are usher, Tony Hawk, and Lebron James !

3. My grandma has a brand new jeep and that's why I did this topic

4. My grandma has driven in an old fashioned jeep like the one that you just learned about and she said "the ride broke my entire body" and she still lives today.

5. GOOD NEWS the Jeep Wrangler is something like the 20 most likely vehicle to kill you!