Come to Zachastan!

The most artistic and technologically advanced nation ever.

We have but one law

This is the law of the jungle. As old and as true as the sky. The wolf that will keep it may prosper. But the wolf that will break it must die. As the creeper that girdles the tree trunk. The law runneth forward and back. For the strength of the pack is the wolf. And the strength of the wolf is the pack.

The Vikings Beach battle


Zachastan boasts a large amount of industrial and technological advancements. Although we tend to show off our more traditional tactics such as the shield wall and our "primitive", although awesome, weaponry which includes the astounding Meeter sword as shown below, we have a modern armory that includes ICBMs, Barrett .50, M4A1s, and tanks.
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Social Structure and Government

If you hadn't already guessed, above is our social pyramid. At the top is the Emperor, (me). A subclass of emperor is Empress, which is the emperor's wife. She assists in aiding the emperor make decisions, and make heirs. Below him is the Priests, a subclass of the priests is the high priest. The high priest conducts all religious ceremonies and sacrifices and is the most respected priest. Below them are the warriors, I won't discuss them too vigorously, as I will below. Below them, yet further are the governors. They are basically micromanage the properties of Zachastan such as Kattegat. EVEN FURTHER are the law-makers. They, obviously, make the laws. They also run every thing. (I don't mean everything, I mean every thing. This will be explained soon. And even further down the social pyramid are the commoners. They are people like farmers, weavers, and the like. The government consists of the emperor who basically makes all of the decisions, and his advisers, which consist of his wife (empress), and some very trusted family members.


Although in Zachastan we accept all religions, 80% of our population is pagan. We sacrifice humans and goats the the gods every year (only pagans are sacrificed) and we have many temples built in honor of the mighty all-fathers.
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The Arts

We Zachastanians have a huge emphasis an art. We have a huge amount of respect for our artisans (although they're fairly low on the social ladder), and we import lots of beautiful art from Leathalind. (We also love decorating our weaponry, as shown below.)
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Basically to sum this paragraph up, don't Screw with us. We will hand you your butt on a silver platter. But let's go more in depth. Shown above are only our ancient and astounding weaponry. We also boast much more modern technology, like tanks, ICBMs, aircraft, satellites, spy agencies, secret service, large hadron-colliders, and nuclear power plants. The load-out for most common soldiers consists of the following: two NO. 76 Incendiary grenades, two M67 Fragmentation grenades, a pair of tactical binoculars, the standard uniform, a backpack to carry all this, four MREs, a secondary weapon of a modernized M1911 handgun with 5 clips, a primary weapon of an M4A1 with a grenade launcher attachment with three grenades and 8 clips, tactical sunglasses, a field manual, tactical watch, compass, and ACB-90 tactical knife (shown below). Although other classes will carry different grenades and primary weaponry. For example, Support classes carry M249 Saws, (same grenades), and snipers will carry an MSR sniper rifle as their primary and have 2 M67 fragmentation grenades and 2 M18 Claymores.
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The capitol of Zachastan is located on the West side of the Ohio River. This provides for very lush landscapes. Because of those landscapes Zachastan's location makes for wonderful farmland, in turn, we have plenty of food and water to sustain our citizens and livestock. So believe us when we say, it is very hard to starve in the great nation of Zachastan.
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Thank you for listening to my very persuasive flyer on the great nation of Zachastan. Please have your papers filled out when you migrate to avoid any troubles and longer than average waits at the customs office.
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