Inside or Outside School,Analyze It

Bloom's Taxonomy


analysis-the ability to figure out situations, make sense of schoolwork, understand how little clues can solve big problems or ease big decisions.

Analysis involves the tedious task of taking ideas and objects apart, looking carefully at the various components, and then reorganizing the ideas by the similarities and differences found.

It is the opposite of putting ideas together. It is unraveling them, or taking them apart.

Instructional Strategy

Students organize notes on topics into specific categories like economics, government, cultures, geography, and technology.

Assessment Strategies

What are the parts or features of...?

How is ___ related to ____?

Why do you think...?

What is the theme..?

Can you list the parts...?

What conclusions can you draw..?

How would you classify...?

What evidence can you find..?

What ideas justify...?