Moons and why you should live there


All About Moons

There are 139 moons in our solar system. Some of the moons are even bigger than Pluto. But only Mercury and Venus. Earth only has one moon and mars has two. These two planets don't have moons Mercury, and Venus.

Fun Facts

Jupiter has the most moons of all and Saturn has the second most Jupiter has 63 moons and Saturn has 54 moon that's crazy right . Our moon is 2,160 miles in diameter and the largest one is 3,280 in diameter

The Moon And Some

Something that I think it would be good to live there it would be so fun to jump on the moon because there is no gravity that is why you get 10 FEET high like as tall as a college basketball hoop . You have an awesome view where ever you are at.


Our moon is are closest friend the moon is 2.8 miles thick.The first person to ever touch the moon touch it in 1969 Neil Armstrong he lead them by the nose.



The moon is 238,855 thousand miles away from earth. You weigh less on the moon then you do on earth. The moon orbits us we don't orbit it. It takes 27.3 days for the moon to orbit us. There is no life on the moon or oxygen nor water. Some people may think the moon is a planet or just a moon no it is also a satellite. You have to wear a certain suit to go on the moon because of the air. Some people think the wind in space move the moon no it's the gravity. You may think the moon get's smaller than bigger no it's just the phases. The moon get's one inch farther from earth each year so some day it will be millions and millions of miles away. I don't think anyone knows for sure the moon began some think 2.8 billion some say 750 million years ago I think they are all just guessing.

This happens every 4 years it's when there is 3 full moon in a month it's really rare

The moon move at a speed of 1.02kmc

The moon/ball

I each inch represent a mile then it would take 617 of them

one day on the moon takes 30 day about a month on our earth

How The Moon Got Started

It started because a meteor crashed into the planet earth and a part fell off into space and then somebody found it in space it crashed into the planet earth when no one was alive.