Kindergarten Update

Mrs Marsh Weiss (Room 4) - Nov 16

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Parent Teacher Conferences this week

Parent Teacher conferences are this week. Please sign up for one of these slots

Note: The school schedule is different this week. Here are the details -
  • Tuesday, Nov 17 - regular schedule
  • Wednesday, Nov 18 - Early dismissal @ 2:10pm
  • Thursday, Nov 19 - Early dismissal @ 2:10pm
  • Friday, Nov 20 - Early dismissal @ 1pm

Please confirm pick-up times directly with your after-school program, if your child is in one.
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Thanksgiving Break is next week

There will be no school during thanksgiving break from Nov 23rd to Nov 27th.
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Annual Pledge Drive

This year we want to raise 325,000$. This money pays for the following for our children in the kindergarten classrooms -
  • Field trips, the one to the 24th Street Theater as well as the upcoming one to the Santa Monica Playhouse
  • Music with Mr. C year round
  • PE
  • Rainforest animal assembly
  • Two all school assemblies
  • Ipads / smart boards
  • Caterpillars into butterflies project
  • TA and instructional specialist

AS of this week, less than half the parents from from Ms Marsh Weiss's class have contributed to the pledge drive. We are asking for 100% participation in the Annual Pledge Drive. No amount is too small. Please give, if you are able.

Important Dates and Reminders

Mon., Nov 16 to 20 - Parent Teacher Meetings
Nov 23 - 27 - @@@@@@Thanksgiving Break@@@@@@@
Last friday of every month - Free dress day
If you are running late or have a quick message or question, email Ms. Sally at <>

About us

Christina Harvell Brown <> or text @ 310-890-9060
Megha Sundara <> or text @ 310-936-7870