Mrs. Schwartz's Class News

A Story of Our Week: December 7- December 11

What we learned this week

  • Language Arts: This week, students examined the difference between 'Realism & Fantasy'. After reading The Garden and Jack and the Beanstalk, students discussed how fantasy stories are not real, but have some real things in them (i.e. plants, animals, etc.) Students then began to create their own fantasy story using a story board. Students also examined their new Amazing Words: beanstalk, naughty, lad, lend, magic, and ogre.
  • Letters of the Week: Students finished up their isolated alphabet study this week as we learned all about the letters Y and Z. We discussed the sounds they make, their shape, and how we can use them in words.
  • Sight Words: Students reviewed their sight words 'for' and 'he' as we practiced using them in oral and written sentences!
  • Mathematics: Students began to build numbers this week as we discussed how two small numbers can create a larger one. We began by looking at the numbers four and five, then progressing to six and seven. To help us learn more about the different number combinations, students played a few games of 'Shake and Spill' where they use double sided tokens and a cup to create different number combinations.
  • Science: Students had a great week learning about all the different kinds of weather! After learning about the water cycle, students then discussed how rain and snow can fall from clouds that are 'saturated'. On Friday, we joined with Mrs. Schettone's class to create some weather of our own. We created clouds, and made it rain!

Our Highlights


  • Students will receive math homework on Tuesdays and reading homework on Thursdays. Their homework should never take more than 10-15 minutes to complete. I like to remind students that homework is their responsibility.
  • Please remember to send back your child's guided reading book and reading log in their zip log bag every Friday!

Our Student of the Week: Laila

Laila's Favorite Song!

Important Dates to Remember

  • Friday, December 18th: Crazy Holiday Sweater Day
  • Tuesday, December 22: Winter Concert, 6:30 pm
  • Wednesday, December 23: Pajama Day, Cookie Party Day

Classroom Book Exchange

Our class would like to have a holdiay book exchange. Please purchase a book for your child to exchange with another child in our classroom during our holiday celebration. There will be a $5.oo spending limit. Please wrap the book and put your child's name on it. Please buy a gender neutral book and bring it wrapped by Monday, December 21st. We will play a game and exchange our presents on Wednesday, December 23rd. We look forward to this festive and fun time of year!

Thanks again!

Letter Party Fun!

Our Special Class Schedule

Monday: Music

Tuesday: Gym

Wednesday: Gym, Spanish, Technology

Thursday: Music

Friday: Art, Technology

Polar Express Night

Thanks to all the families who were able to join us for our annual Polar Express Night!