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Edgecumbe College Newsletter, 21 March

From the Principal

Tena Koutou

Covid - Omicron

A huge thank you to all our whanau for your support of our school and students, and keeping them home, especially when you have had household contacts, or your child has Covid.

We are managing very well and it is in no small part due to your help and support - thank you. I really do hope that you are as well as you can be, and that the illness has not been too severe. Please let us know if we can help you in any way.

Surprisingly the school is carrying on pretty much as normal, especially given that we do have a lot of students away at the moment. Only a small number of staff have been affected to date, and so classes in the main are carrying on as normal.

We really hope that soon this will be over and we will have all our students back with us in the coming weeks. However, remain vigilant and keep sick students at home and look after yourselves.

I will continue to keep you up to date via Facebook and emails.

Remember please: if you have a student who is unwell they should stay home. If there is a Whanau / family / household member who has tested positive then everyone in the home needs to isolate for 7 days and test negative before coming back to school.

I wish you all well, and hope that you stay safe.

Nga mihi nui


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Teacher Only Day

Iharaira (Butch) led us on an invaluable teacher only day Hikoi around some of the important sites for Ngati Awa. There were two questions we had to answer during the day, and that was ‘Why are we here’ and ‘What will this mean for our teaching and interactions with our students’. On the surface, simple questions, but the implications for them and us a as teachers at Edgecumbe College are huge. They will continue to be asked and a focus for our staff not only in our day to day interactions with our rangatahi but also in the delivery of a meaningful curriculum.

This is only the first of a number of Teacher only days where we explore the meaning behind our students Whakapapa and experiences in their lives. Planned is a visit along sites on the Rangitaiki and also a Marae visit.

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PB4L – Week 6 Term 1 certificates - Congratulations!

Excellence Attendance:

Year 9 - J Nelson, R Tahu-Sturme, K Sneddon, K Reneti, A Murray, J Waalwijk

Year 10 - H Nathan, M Liu, J Viyah, J Ruff, A Makszi, G Gavin, M Grace-Savage, M Lees, M Miller

Year 11 - C Bruning-Archer , T Tahu-Sturme, M Puutu, B Wilson

Year 12 - N Bright, B Curreen

Year 13 - B Hayman

Positive Behaviour Cards

Year 9 – V Mio, K Reneti, T Ben Kim, M Singh, J Waalwijk

Year 10 – T Broughton, M Tapsell, J Viyah, A Patuwai, P Bright, M Liu

Instrument Music Tutors

We are very short of people to give our students practical music lessons, so this is a plea, please for volunteer insturment teachers – guitar, piano, drums especially vocal coach, anyone interested in starting a school choir and or band we would dearly love to hear from you. Please just get in touch with the office and we will get back to you.

Parents Evening


Reports have gone out, please contact us if you haven't received.

Cell phones

Please support us in not having cell phones in the school, they are such a distraction to the learning environment of the school and students are continually bombarded by the negative influences of social media. They are creeping back into the school and we would like this stamp this early.

Sensory room

Melissa and Shannon have set up an awesome ‘sensory room’ in Te Hāpai Ō, for those students who need a break from the hurly burly of the school day. It is a quiet, dark space with only one or two students in the room so that they can unwind, destress and have a break. For many students now the daily grind is overwhelming and a quiet space is absolutely vital sometime during their day.

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Our amazing pool

It is so awesome to see the pool open for classes now and lunchtimes, as well as after school and in the weekends.

Please if you haven’t had the chance, come on down and have a swim in the beautiful heated water of that amazing pool. What an amazing job Ashlee and Matt have done in getting us this facility!

It is definitely the best school pool in the country and our students just love it.

Please encourage them to bring their togs to school for P.E. lessons and lunchtime swims. If your child cant swim, please send a note.

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Building programme

The planning for the major Capital Works is moving forward now at great speed, with a lot of meetings with the project team, starting to finalise the design for consultation. Meanwhile in the background the minor works, tidying up the classrooms and addressing all health and safety issues is progressing too. We hope to have the Science Labs back in action near the end of next week, and the whole block done before the end of term, ready to move on to D Block.

Exciting times, and the rooms are going to look a million dollars.

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Coming up!

Exciting developments in our Trades programme, watch this space.

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Gateway News

We're really excited to offer Gateway at Edgecumbe College - it is a great opportunity for our students setting out on their chosen career paths.

Gateway is structured work experience and is a partnership between school, student and business/community. We've got businesses in the Whakatane district but always love to hear from other locals!

Gateway is designed to support rangatahi from Kura to Mahi through on the job learning. There is potential for a student to earn 20+ credits through courses such as first Aid, safety in the workplace, forklift licenses etc. This is a great opportunity for students to test the waters of their chosen career path under the guidance of a working relationship with school and employer.

There are limited gateway spaces, so early interest is recommended! Whanau can discuss with our Gateway coordinator via nan@edgecumbecollege.school.nz or call 073048211 ext 722, and students can find Mrs. Nancy Anderson in her office (A Block) on Tues, Wed & Thurs.

Reading Corner

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Our school app

Our app can be downloaded from the app store (School Apps NZ). Once you have downloaded this, enter in 'Edgecumbe College'.

Its very easy to use and free. You can fill in an absentee form, see previous notices and newsletters, go straight to Kamar to access your student's records, see our school calendar, and receive emergency notifications if necessary.

Check out our calendar:

24 Mar - 3PED The Journey
28 Mar - L2 Bio trip

29 Mar - L2 AHS course

31 Mar - 10OED/2PED Tarawera

7 Apr - 10OED Rock Climbing

8 April - Volunteer Day

8 April - Official Pool opening

13 April - Tourism trip

14 April - non-uniform day, Easter themed

14 April - end of Term 1

2 May - first day of Term 2

Edgecumbe College 60th Centenary Celebrations

We've postponed the celebrations but if you know any Edgecumbe College alumni - previous students, staff and board - tell them to come and join us on Facebook! We're reconnecting, sharing memories and photos and making travel plans for next years celebrations!


You can find our school policies here:

The Edgecumbe College Board is currently reviewing their health and safety and emergency policies. Your input can be submitted on the SchoolDocs site.
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Edgecumbe College Careers

Did you know we have a specialised FB page dedicated to Career Pathways? Go find and like our page! It’s called Edgecumbe College Careers. This page is regularly updated with a host of information about where to seek job vacancies, apprenticeships, preparing for jobs, careers events, Open Days, scholarship and grant applications, and heaps of photos celebrating our wonderful students. Nau mai, Haere mai.