Life List

Top Ten Things I Want to Accomplish in Life

Become More Social

During my year off, before graduate school, I hope to not only do research and clinical work, but also work as a waitress or bartender. I have always been quiet and shy growing up and I know being more social will make me happier!

Get a Handle of Student Loan Debt and Retirement Plan

I want to be able to provide for my family one day without having the added weight of student loans. I want to plan this during my year off before graduate school and once I start a job, begin thinking about retirement savings.

Go on a Relaxing Vacation Outside of the Country

I have never been outside of the country and I never got to study abroad, so it is my goal to take a relaxing vacation in the middle of my graduate studies. Many graduate students take trips to Europe at the conclusion of their second year. It would be a perfect time to relax and do something I have always dreamed about.

Implement Yoga and Meditation into my Daily Life

Yoga improves posture, longevity, and a happier and healthier life. Both yoga and meditation will help me keep sight of what is important in my life. It will also improve my physical and mental health.

Get my PhD

This goal is most important to me because it will affect my whole life! I will be proud of this accomplishment and also have the opportunity to work with children in the capacity that I dream of.

Have a Marriage More Beautiful than my Wedding

Like most girls, I have planned out my dream wedding since I was little. However, I hope that my marriage will be more beautiful than that single day. Spending a lifetime with someone else is a unique relationship that I hope to have.

Raise a Family

I love children! I love them so much, I want to work with them, so of course I want a family. I want to teach my children how to read, ride their bikes and how to be good people.

Have a Walk In Closet

I was always impressed by walk in closets in the houses I babysat for. I thought I would be considered successful if I had one. I know now, that many things define success and a walk in closet might not be the best indicator. However, I still have this wish to have my own walk in closet one day.

Create a Secret Family Recipe

I want something that my grandchildren and great grandchildren can remember me by. This also requires me to get better at cooking, something I've always wanted to try and be creative with.

Watch Baby Turtles Hatch and Swim into the Ocean

Something about the southeast seems so calming and ethereal. I hope to take my whole family there to watch baby sea turtles hatch and swim into the ocean for the first time. It seems so symbolic of life.