The Great Gatsby

Reading Journal

Chapter 1, pages 1-21


In the first chapter, we discover that our narrator is Nick Carraway, and that he is a bonds man who moved from the Midwest to the East. We are also introduced to Tom and Daisy Buchanan when Nick goes over to their house for dinner. During dinner, Tom goes to answer a phone call from his girlfriend as we find out from Jordan Baker, Daisy's friend. This chapter was mainly exposition finding out about some of the main characters.

Nick Carraway

-He was taught not to criticize other people by his dad, so more people were open to telling him things that they would not normally share (1).

-The Carraways are a "well-to-do people" who own a third generation hardware shop in the Midwest (3).

-"I graduated from New Haven, in 1915" (3).

-He lives in West Egg which is the "less-fashionable" between West and East Egg (5).

-Nick used to go to college with Tom Buchanan (5).

-Nick is Daisy Buchanan's second cousin once removed (5).


"Tom's got some women in New York" (15). Jordan Baker reviled this to Nick after the Buchanans left for a phone call from Tom's "women." This is foreshadowing that later in the story we are going to have complications between Daisy and Tom's girlfriend.

Chapter 2, pages 22-38


Tom takes Nick into New York and introduces Nick to his lover Myrtle Wilson. The group then go to Tom's apartment for Myrtle at Morningside Heights. Then the invite the Mr. and Mrs. McKee from downstairs and Myrtle's sister for a party. Tom then buys Myrtle a puppy, and she then begins to talk about Daisy. After a brief argument about how Tom did not want her talking about Daisy and Myrtle continuing to egg him on, the night ends with Tom breaking Myrtle's nose and everybody going home.


Myrtle is Tom Buchanan's mistress (26).

She only wants Tom because she believes that she married a man that was below what she deserved (34).

She wants uses Tom to become the appearance wealthy individual (28).

She is Catholic and that is why she doesn't divorce George (33).

She reminds Tom that he is having an affair and does not like Daisy (37).


After Mrs. McKee talked about how she almost married the wrong man Myrtle says, "Well I married him" (34). This proves Myrtles distain for her husband, and why she is in an affair in the first place.