The Tools To Writing

Tyler Niehaus


  • Watch video from 1:00 to 5:00

The 6 Traits of Writing


  • It is important to choose a topic that interests you.
  • Include details such as facts, statistics, and thought/ feelings.


  • It is important to high lite your sentences the right color, topic (green), Main Ideas (yellow), Tell me more (red).


  • Speak in an engaging way that keeps the reader wanting more.
  • Also, show rather than tell.

Word Choice

  • Use specific nouns and verbs.
  • Use exciting adjectives/adverbs.
  • It is also important to us a thesaurus.

Sentence Fluence

  • Turn short choppy sentences into long smooth ones.
  • Use a variety of sentence beginnings and lengths.
  • Use simple and compound sentences.


  • Use evaluation sheet to revise.
  • Edit using C.O.P.S.

Brain Storming

  • It is important to brain storm what you are going to write about.
  • Also if you can't think of anything you can ask someone for a topic.


  • It is important to prewrite ,because then you know what to write.
  • Also it can help you organize.

Compose (rough draft/ sloppy copy

  • It is important to make a rough draft to see how it looks.
  • Also it shows you how long it is.


  • It is important to evaluate your paragraph.
  • It can help you grammer and getting rid of anything you don't need


  • It is important to revise, because then you can se what you need to fix on your paragraph.
  • Also it can help you write a better paragraph.


  • It is important to edit, because then you get all your changes into your paragraph.
  • Also it will make your paragraph a better paragraph.


  • You should always publish because then you can hand it in.
  • Also it is the end of the writing process.

The Core Four Topic Sentences

  • The Core Four can help you with the beginning of your paragraph.
  • It can also give you ideas for your topic sentence.
  • The Core Four are Question, number, situation/stance, simple.

T chart

  • It is important to create a t chart , because it can help you organize your paragraph.
  • Also it can help your paragraph go smoothly.


  • It is important to have many transitions so your paragraph does not start with the same word.
  • Some transition words are next, also, furthermore, etc.

Topic Sentence

  • The main idea (topic sentence) Is green, because it is what starts and stops your paragraph.
  • It is also important ,because it is the beginning of you paragraph

Main Idea

  • The main idea is yellow ,because It is the the main idea before the tell me more.
  • It is also the big chunks of the paragraph

Tell Me More

  • Tell me more is red, because it is the stop and read more.
  • Tell me more is more info on your topic.

Conclusion Sentence

  • You should always have a conclusion sentence to end your paragraph.
  • It also lets your reader know that the paragraph is finished.