PFES - Board Report

July 15, 2021

Summer School Success!

A big thank you to Amy Weinberger for leading the summer school and to Michelle Denney, Linda Hill, Kristiana Karshna, Callie Boettcher, Sierra Thomfohrda, and Sarah Lynch for teaching. Special thanks to Tanya Belanger for hosting a Pollinator Special in her garden and Michelle Byholm for opening the library. About 75 kids had a great summer school!

In addition to fun offerings in art, cooking, Makerspace, knitting, and gardening our students enjoyed "Field Trip Fridays." They enjoyed local attractions in Park Falls, Fifield, and Phillips!

Elementary Playground Updates

Typically, a high percentage of all student-to-student conflicts in an elementary school that lead to either negative drama that bleeds into the classroom, or an office referral, occurs on the playground during recess. This is a bigger problem at the older grade levels. By observation last year, many of our older students spent the majority of their time either in games of "chase" or just sitting. Activities they want to play such as football, lead to constant fighting without an adult leading the play.

As a result, the PFES playground committee which includes me, Mrs, Minnema, Mrs. Szymik, Mrs. Weik, and Mrs. Herbst have been working on solutions. Previously, Mr. Weddig approved the purchase of an ice rink for the playground. Additionally, I purchased a program called Peaceful Playgrounds. This program includes a variety of games, many of which will be painted on our playground in the next couple of weeks. More importantly, Peaceful Playgrounds is a "curriculum" for the playground. All staff will be trained and students will be taught using the curriculum game rules, playground procedures, and a conflict resolution method for the playground.

Our intent is to create a safe play experience for all students through high-quality training and programming. Although this program is licensed for one site normally, I did work with the company to allow us to share the materials with Glidden Elementary. This is a large project and we will need to roll out some of the available games in stages.

Illustrative Mathematics Inservice

On August 3 and 4, staff from the Mathematics Institute of Wisconsin will teach our staff how to implement and use our new math curriculum. We will also be dedicating time during our August in-service days for teachers to prepare materials and review lesson planning with math. Implementing a new curriculum is a great deal of work for teachers. Just as was done with the implementation of the English Language Arts curriculum, EL, the process will continue to be a focus throughout this year and longer if needed.

Accomplishments and Activities

Updated PFES Staff Handbook

Prepared District I Love U Guys Rollout

Started District Safety Plan Review

Looking Forward

  • Complete the master schedule for 2021-22
  • Plan August inservice
  • Plan District orientation and training with I love you guys with principals
  • review and update Standard Operating Procedures for District Safety Plan
  • Complete planning for Illustrative Math Introduction and training
  • Plan for "Peaceful Playgrounds" training in August
  • Plan new staff orientation