ESL Strategies of the Month

September 2018

Build and enhance background knowledge!

Great for all students, essential for your English learners!

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"The most straightforward way to enhance students' academic background knowledge is to provide academically enriching experiences." - Robert Marzano

Build and enhance background knowledge!

Hanging Hashtags

Hanging Hashtags

  • This is a great activity for building background knowledge.

  • It is also a quick way to assess prior knowledge about specific content before starting a new unit of study.

Be a Detective

Be a Detective

  • This strategy allows learners to activate background knowledge by discussing a collage of images related to the upcoming lesson.

  • They will also identify commonalities and themes between images during their discussions.

Anticipation and Reaction Guide

Anticipation and Reaction Guide

  • Activate background knowledge by reading statements related to topic

  • Agree or disagree with the statements before engaging in new learning

  • Revisit statements and stances throughout the lesson, making changes as new information is learned

  • This is the slide with directions for learners… Anticipation and Reaction Slide

  • Here is the blank, printable A&R Guide

How do I document this work in ELLevation?

You can always make NOTES to let others know that you used the strategy and how individuals did. You can also upload the Anticipation and Reaction Guide of individual learners to document the use of the strategy.

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