Digital Citizenship

Ahmad Gharib

What is digital citizenship?

Digital citizenship is properly using technology in a responsible and appropriate manner. It is important to be a good digital citizen when online in order to be respectful and mindful of others.

It is surprising how important it is to be a good digital citizen. Keeping your digital dossier clean and being respectful to others online may not seem significant, but it is essential in this day in age. Harassing others and posting inappropriate information online can lead to serious consequences.

Did you know?

- The average age for internet use in Northern Europe is 7

- 38% of social media accounts are not private

- 31% of Australians learned about cyber safety at home

- 39% of teens on social media have been cyber bullied

- 16% of internet users are between the ages 18-22

- a majority of internet users are adults

This can also have a large impact on our future education and jobs.

- 85% colleges use social networks to recruit students

- 24% college admissions check Facebook profiles, and 12% of them have found something that negatively affected an application

- 69% employers rejected a candidate because of what they saw online

How can I become a good digital citizen?

It is important to also follow proper netiquette rules when online. One must:

- Consider others when interacting online

- Refrain from trolling and typing offensive comments

- Be safe by keeping profiles private

- Block unknown accounts and spam

Remember, we must use the internet responsibly and be proper digital citizens. It's important enjoy our online experience as well as be safe, and be respectful!