Estimation Jar for TK - 5th Grade

Estimation Jar

Take a look at the pictures below. Can you estimate how many cookies are in the jar? It's tempting to just guess, but really take a look at the jar and try to estimate just how many cookies are in the jar.

Once your student has come up with an answer, please go to the button at the bottom and fill out all the information. The first student to get the correct number of cookies in the jar or the first student to get closest without going over will win the jar!

The deadline for submitting your estimate is Thursday, May 20th. Jars will be dropped off at the student's home via contactless delivery sometime between Friday, May 21st and Sunday, May 23rd. A picture will be taken of the student and their prize, which will be posted in our school newsletter and on Cabrillo Point Academy social media. Only one estimate per student.

Happy estimating and good luck!