Of Mice and Men


Counting Stars

George and Lennie are staying by the river for the night and looking at the stars.

"Lately I been, I been losing sleep,

Dreaming about the things that we could be.
But lately, I been, I been prayin' hard.
Said no more counting dollars,

We'll be counting stars."

In this scene George is talking to Lennie about their future dream, and how everything would be so much easier if they didn't have to worry about money or work.

OneRepublic - Counting Stars

Count On Me

Lennie tells George that he if he doesn't want him around anymore he'll go into the mountains, but George wants Lennie to stay.

"You can count on me like 1, 2, 3
I'll be there
And I know when I need it
I can count on you like 4, 3, 2
You'll be there
'Cause that's what friends are supposed to do"

This song is connected to George and Lennie because they are really good friends and they can count on eachother. They both know what's best for the other and always try to help.

Bruno Mars - Count On Me (Official Video)


When Curley's wife first entered the bunkhouse and was flirting with George and Lennie.

"They're just girls, breaking hearts

Eyes bright, uptight, just girls

"I said yo, think you better go,

I can't take you!"

Curley's wife is always flirting with the men working on the farm and none of them want to talk to her because they know Curley will get really angry. They just tell her that she needs to leave before she gets in trouble but Lennie doesn't know what to think of her other than that "she's purty"

In the Arms of the Angel

George is forced to shoot Lennie in order to save him from being cruelly killed by Curley and the other men.

"In the arms of the angel

Fly away from here

Form this dark, cold hotel room

And the endlessness that you fear

You are pulled from the wreckage

Of your silent reverie

You're in the arms of the angel

May you find some comfort here"

George is really sad that he has to lose his only friend, but he knows that he's doing the right thing for Lennie. Lennie doesn't have to worry about their troubles or be afraid of anything anymore because he is in a better place.